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Spirit Salve Tome

Spirit Salve Tome An exalted holy tome, filled with prayers and blessed by angels.

Tier: 2
MP Cost: 65
Party Heal: \left\{\begin{matrix} 140 & \text{wis}<30\\ 140+\frac{14\cdot\text{wis}}{15}& 30\leq\text{wis}\\ \end{matrix}\right.  HP

Range: \left\{\begin{matrix} 4 & \text{wis}<30\\ 4+\frac{2\cdot\text{wis}}{75}& 30\leq\text{wis}\\ \end{matrix}\right.  sqrs

Party Effect: Red Cross Healing for \left\{\begin{matrix} 3 & \text{wis}<30\\ 3+\frac{\text{wis}}{50}& 30\leq\text{wis}\\ \end{matrix}\right.  seconds
Feed Power: 20

Loot Bag:

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Deathmage Chest
Ent Ancient
Cyclops God Chest
Ghost King
Oasis Giant Chest
Phoenix Lord Chest
Red Demon Chest

Additional Drops:
Brute Warrior of the Abyss


Descriptions in-game are currently bugged, causing wis-affecting equipment to appear to have twice the effect they really do (this effect is only for the descriptions- not the actual result). This page shows the actual formulas, not the ones based off the (incorrect) descriptions.