Oryx's Escutcheon

Oryx's Escutcheon An enormous shield decorated with the crest of Oryx, an infamous symbol of oppression dreaded across the realm.

Tier UT
MP Cost 100
On Equip +7 SPD, +10 DEF
Effect(s) On Ability Use: Summons three consecutive Exalted Beams that each deal 850-950 damage in a 2.25 square radius, inflicting Gold Five Pointed Star Stunned for 1.4 seconds
Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Throw Time 0 / 0.8 / 1.6 second(s)
Max Cast Range 2.5 tiles
Cooldown 2 second(s)
Fame Bonus 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,300

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Oryx the Mad God 3


The Exalted Beams have the following animation (currently disabled):
Exalted Beam