Lost Sentry

Last updated: Exalt Version (May 2021)
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The Lost Sentry is an event boss that drops the portal to the Lost Halls. Up to one Lost Sentry can spawn per realm.

The Realm Eye says:
After the cultists turned to using the souls of unwilling prisoners, golems became more resistant and aggressive.
The Lost Sentry is the only golem to ever escape the Lost Halls. It is inhabited by the spirit of the Red Outlaw, a notorious bandit of his time.
Although the Red Bandit is only concerned with maintaining his perfect track record of escaping every prison he has ever been in, the Spectral Sentry used the escape opportunity to guard the catacombs.



HP: 125,000 (+10% [12,500 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 40
EXP: 65,000
Location: Lost Sentry Setpiece

Immune to Stunned
Immune to Dazed
Immune to Stasis

Counts towards God Kills
Counts towards Construct Kills
Counts towards Encounter Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Cultist Malus Shot 100 Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for 3s 9 21.6 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Basaran Shot 140 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2s 9 21.6 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Dirge Shot 120 Word Bubble Quiet for 3s 3 15 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Amplitude: 1.5
Frequency: 2
Cultist Malus Shot 100 Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for 3s 3 13.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Argus Shot 150 Unstable Arrow Unstable for 2s 7 28 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Dirge Shot 130 Word Bubble Quiet for 2s 7 28 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Basaran Shot 140 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2s 7 28 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Gaius Shot 110 Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 2s 10 18 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Valus Shot 120 Darkness Orb Darkness for 2s 4 18 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Amplitude: 2
Frequency: 1.3
Cultist Phaedra Shot 90 Skull Sick for 3s 10 23 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Phaedra Shot 90 Skull Sick for 2s 8 23.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Boomerang Shots boomerang
Cultist Dirge Shot 130 Word Bubble Quiet for 2s 8 23.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Boomerang Shots boomerang
Cultist Argus Shot 150 Unstable Arrow Unstable for 2s 5 15 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Amplitude: 0.5
Frequency: 8
Cultist Valus Shot 120 Darkness Orb Darkness for 1s 5 15 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Amplitude: 0.5
Frequency: 8
Cultist Gaius Shot 110 Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 0.75s 5 15 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Amplitude: 0.5
Frequency: 8
Cultist Malus Shot 100 Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for 2s 7 42 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Parametric Shots are parametric
Magnitude: 3
Cultist Malus Shot 100 Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for 2s 7 42 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Parametric Shots are parametric
Magnitude: 6
Cultist Malus Shot 100 Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for 2s 7 42 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Parametric Shots are parametric
Magnitude: 9
Cultist Basaran Shot 140 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2s 3 20.001 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Phaedra Shot 90 Skull Sick for 3s 5 20 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Basaran Shot 140 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2s 8 20 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Phaedra Shot 90 Skull Sick for 3s 11 19.998 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Gaius Shot 110 Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 0.4s 10 18 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Cultist Valus Shot 120 Darkness Orb Darkness for 1s 10 18 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Red Bomb 180 Radius: 3
White Bomb 150 Petrify for 1s Radius: 3


The Lost Sentry is located in a large setpiece resembling a courtyard, with several walls to provide cover. Throughout his fight, the Spectral Sentry, an invincible enemy, will fly around the edges of the arena while taking shots at targets and occasionally dashing through the middle of the arena.

Uniquely, while he is an Event Boss and has a minimap marker, he has no Quest Arrow and is not required to close the realm. In addition, both sentries have an indigo marker on the minimap.

The Lost Sentry cannot move and uses a wide variety of randomized attacks, which he will switch through more rapidly as he loses health. In addition, the the Spectral Sentry will move faster as his health lowers. Right before the Lost Sentry switches its attacks, it will flash red for about one second as a warning.

His attacks are as follows (names are unofficial):

Paralyze Spiral Attack

The Lost Sentry fires a 4-armed spiral of Paralyzing yellow bullets that rotates clockwise. While this is happening, it will throw highly damaging Red Bombs in groups of 8, alternating between throwing them in a tight ring around itself and throwing them in a wider ring to hit faraway targets.

Red Rings Attack

The Lost Sentry fires several dense, slow rings of red bullets that Armor Break, with a small opening on one side of each ring where players can dodge through. He will also be throwing Petrifying White Bombs in groups of 4, alternating between throwing them in a plus-shaped (+) or X-shaped formation.

Rapid Spiral Attack

The Lost Sentry fires 3 different 2-armed spirals of shots, consisting of purple, blue, and grey bullets. These spirals will rotate in different directions at a fast speed.

Rapid Spiral Attack 2

The Lost Sentry will fire 2-armed spirals of both red and blue shots, rotating in opposite directions. While doing this, he will also fire radial bursts of grey shots that move in a wavy pattern.

Crossing Streams Attack

The Lost Sentry will fire streams of black bullets in several directions that will curve into helical streams. In the meantime, he will target the nearest player with a highly damaging spread of green bullets.

Wavy Streams Attack

The Lost Sentry will fire wiggly streams of shots in all directions, alternating between black, purple, and yellow bullets. Beware especially of the yellow bullets: tanking one will result in being Paralyzed and being forced to eat the rest of the stream, causing immense damage and likely death.

Boomerang Spread Attack

The Lost Sentry fires several 3-round shotguns of green bullets along with pairs of grey bullets aimed in the opposite direction, all of which have a Boomerang property. His aim is not targeted, instead being aimed in a set direction before rotating clockwise.

Sweeping Bullets Attack

The Lost Sentry rapidly fires small spreads of purple bullets aimed at the nearest player. While doing this, he will fire “beams” of red bullets that extend outwards and sweep an aimed area in front of him before retracting.

Grenade Row Attack

The Lost Sentry rapidly fires rings of black bullets and aimed yellow bullets. In the meantime, he will be firing dense lines of red bombs along the cardinal/intermediate directions, choosing one direction at a time. The lines of explosions extend a fair distance from both sides of the Sentry.

Wide Shotgun Attack

The Lost Sentry fires enormous, aimed shotguns of green and blue bullets. The bullets have different velocities, making dodging the shotgun difficult since the next one will be fired before all the bullets clear out. In addition, he will be firing the same shotgun in the opposite direction of his aim.

The Lost Sentry visually breaks down as he loses health, the first change occuring at about 75% HP, the second at about 50%, the third at about 25% and the final at about 5%. Every time he breaks down more, he gains several seconds of invulnerabilty.


Protected by:
Spectral Sentry (Event)Spectral Sentry (Event)

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Tips and Strategies

General Tips

While the Lost Sentry has enormous health and huge amounts of firepower, the Spectral Sentry defending him is arguably the most dangerous part of the fight due to its invincibility and armor-piercing shotguns. Avoiding the Spectral Sentry should be your highest priority. Beware, as the Spectral Sentry will sometimes fly through the middle of the arena without warning.

Most of the Sentry’s attacks are not aimed and tend to be heavily patterned. If one takes the time to learn its bullet patterns, avoiding the extremely damaging bullet-hell it pumps out becomes much easier. However, be ready for anything, lest the Sentry suddenly switch to an aimed pattern.
Additionally, should the Sentry’s life end during a phase with returning projectiles, wait until they are completely gone lest you wish for a swift death by greed.

If the Sentry spawns with the setpiece connected to another setpiece that contains obstacles, like the Cyclops God castle, it is possible that the Spectral Sentry will become stuck and unable to move. This lowers the danger level of the fight immensely. On the other hand, should another setpiece event such as a Pentaract spawn on top of the Sentry, it may destroy the walls protecting the players from the Spectral Sentry, making the fight even more dangerous.

Most of the fight will take place within the inner corners of the Sentry’s setpiece. All of the phase tips are assuming that the players are fighting the sentry from this location.

Phase Tips

Paralyze spiral attack: Generally the streams are easy to avoid, and it is not difficult to weave between the shots. The red bombs are a little more problematic, but can be easily avoided as well by backing away. Even if a paralyze bullet hits a player, they may not have to nexus because they should be able to move again by the time the next stream comes around.

Red rings attack: Ranged classes own this phase. They can stand back and weave between the shots, stepping left and rigt to avoid the petrify bombs. Melee and dagger classes have a much harder time with this phase as the projectiles in the ring are very close together. They can run out if they see the opening, but this is not recommended as the spectral sentry can pay you a surprise visit while flying through the middle of the arena. It is very possible to take one of the shots from the ring and run in and deal damage before the next ring is fired, but petrify bombs should be avoided because they freeze you in place, possibly causing you to take unwanted damage. Planewakler rogues and tricksters can teleport over the rings giving them an advantage.

Rapid spiral attack: This is one of the easiest phases. There are very large gaps that a projectile will never fly through in the bottom left grassy area. Melee classes can even stand in these gaps and fire upon the sentry without fear of being hit by a projectile.

Rapid spiral attack 2: This is arguably the toughest phase of the entire fight. The streams of grey shots inflict quiet which can render a priest and necromancer useless, combined with armor broken and slowed that you will run into while trying do evade the quiet shots. Many classes might consider backing out during this phase. However, if there is a priest and the group is confident, there is an extremely small safe spot in which no projectiles will ever hit the player. Unfortunately, this spot is very close to the path of the spectral sentry; if he flies through the middle, your group could take massive damage unless they move away from that spot.

The safe spot is in the location indicated by the red marker in this image

Crossing streams attack: If rapid spiral attack 2 is not the most difficult phase, this one is. There are two parts to this phase; the part where the crossing streams are to the left and right, and the part where the stream is directly in the middle of the fight. When the streams are to the left and right, avioding the sick shots should be hightst priority, but other than that there isn’t much danger. However, when the streams are coming into the direction of the fight, they are extremely deadly. There are a couple of ways to do this part of the phase. If a player feels very confident, they can stand in the small area between the streams. This is extremely dangerous because a small miscalculation can lead to the player getting hit by both of the streams at the cross, which is a very quick death. Along with being in between the streams, there will also be sick bullets flying out fast and there is not much room to run. Rather than standing in the small space between streams, players could also step left and right of the incoming stream while dodging the sick shots. This is much safer than being between streams, but it requires players to be much closer to the spectral sentry. As always, if players feel overwhelmed, they could always exit the fight for this phase.

Wavy streams attack: This one is not very difficult if done properly. Take note that if a player stands within range of one bullet and not the other, they will still be hit with everything because the shots alternate and “wave” from side to side. This means if a player gets hit with a single paralyze projectile during this phase, they will tank the full stream and either die or lose massive amounts of HP. The way to avoid these involves the slight variation of the source of the projectiles. The sentry will not fire all the streams from the exact spot, rotating clockwise very slightly every time. This means that stepping left will make it nice and easy to avoid taking a hit, but stepping right poses a much higher risk of taking damage. The most effective way to do this phase is to step right after the first stream is fired so that it is safe to step left and avoid the stream of paralyze very easily. The reason always stepping left is dangerous is because it puts players very close to the spectral sentry. Basically, just avoid getting hit by the yellow stream and this phase is a piece of cake.

Boomerang spread attack: An extremely easy phase with a very wide safe spot. standing between two of the sick bullets will allow you do evade every single shot of this phase without ever taking any damage. While the spectral sentry is still a threat, there is a lot of room to run during this phase, so it is possibly the easiest one.

Individual Class Tips

Rogue: If a player is looking to solo the Sentry and does not have a Priest, Rogue is the way to go. Cloaking will make the threat of the Spectral Sentry go away, meaning the player only has to dodge the Lost Sentry’s attacks. He can also teleport over the rings in the red rings phase. Unfortunately, the rogue has to get fairly close to the sentry to deal damage, so this class is mainly used in large groups when the player is looking to complete the Lost Halls dungeon that drops after the Sentry is defeated.

Archer: A good class with the Doom or Leaf bow. Other bows work fine but both the Doom and Leaf bow are the safest bows to use against this boss. The Leaf bow in particular has a very high DPS and it is easy to aim your shots at the stationary Sentry. The quiver is only good for damage for this event because the Lost Sentry is a stationary enemy, and the Spectral is intangible. He takes less damage than robe classes, but like all classes he will still take a lot of damage anyway. Not the best class, but good in a large group.

Wizard: A good choice with a good group. Lots of damage from the spellbomb plus his high dexterity make him a class that can can evade shots and deal damage from afar. However, he is very squishy, so he can’t take too much damage.

Priest: Without a doubt the best class for the Sentry. If a Priest has a Tome of Holy Protection, he will take a lot less damage than normal (still a lot from the Spectral Sentry due to armor piercing) and can heal players along with himself. A tiered tome will provide a massive health boost, but the two best tomes are the Tome of Purification and the Book of Geb because they both remove negative effects. The Tome of Purification might be a better choice due to not having the speedy effect because speedy can cause the player to accidentally run into projectiles. Overall a great class for this fight with extremely long range and the vital healing ability to combat his low defense.

Warrior: With a large group, or a smaller group with a Priest, the Warrior is a good class to use. The speedy buff will make it difficult to dodge projectiles as they will come very fast, but the berserk buff will make the fight take a significantly smaller amount of time. However, the range on swords makes it extremely dangerous for the Warrior to get damage in, so he is not a good chioce for a smaller group. The only exception is the Helm of the Juggernaut, which increases defense by a significant amount for a short time while sacrificing speedy, but this helm is incredibly rare, some of the shots can break or pierce armor, and some people might not be willing to lose it to the Sentry.

Knight: Not the ideal class choice, as the Lost Sentry is immune to stuns. Since the damage threshold is very low, Knight can run in, get in a couple seconds worth of damage, and run out. Even with the minuscule number of shots, the threshold will most likely have been reached. Knight could bring an Ogmur shield to the fight and break the Lost Sentry’s armor, allowing the group to hit much harder. However, some might not want to bother risking their Ogmur shields on this dangerous and risky fight.

Paladin: Like the Warrior, the buff is extremely helpful in a group. It will allow for more damage from everyone and combined with a Warrior’s berserk buff, the Sentry’s health will be depleted rapidly. When Warriors, Paladins, and Priests unite, players become damage dealing, fast shooting, quickly regenerating killing machines. The Seal of Blasphemous Prayer can give the Paladin complete invincibility, but shouldn’t be risked here unless the player is so willing. Plus, the invincibility only lasts for a very short moment, so it wouldn’t be particularly useful anyways.

Assassin: The Assassin can be a good class choice due to their poison ability. The dagger is not an ideal weapon for this fight but the range of poisons make up for it. The UT poisons are both very good choices for the fight. Murky Toxin is more hands on and requires the player to be consistently in the action, while plague poison is more background work and the player can spend most of the fight from outside the set piece. If the player has a Murky Toxin, the Lost Sentry’s stationary nature allows precise throws that land both bombs. However, they must be close to the action in order to land a direct hit with the throw. However, if the player is lucky enough to wield a Plague Poison, they have the safest way to fight a Lost Sentry. They can take a few steps into the arena, chuck a poison in the direction of the Sentry and run out. The Sentry doesn’t even have to be on screen, as the range will be long enough to inflict damage. However, the Plague Poison only does 500 damage per infliction, so this will have to be done many times.

Necromancer: The Necromancer is a good class choice with any skull but the Memento Mori. The healing is very helpful, just like the Priest, but the staff deals more damage. Other than that, there isn’t much more about the Necromancer that is different from the Wizard. He has less dexterity than the Wizard, but the healing ability combined with the little bit of damage from the skull can make up for it.

Huntress: Almost the exact same as the Archer, except for the trap. However, the trap must be thrown directly onto the Lost Sentry so that it can trip immediately, or else it is wasted. The traps’ status effects are useless because the Lost Sentry does not move, and the Spectral Sentry is intangible and will move over it undetected. Thus, they are only useful for damage. A Trap of the Vile Spirit will deal a lot more damage than other traps, but must be thrown more accurately than other traps to trigger it upon the Lost Sentry due to its shorter trigger radius.

Mystic: Although not typically a very effective class, the Mystic can inflict Curse upon the Sentry, which can help quicken the fight. Other than that, having more than one Mystic is nearly redundant due to the long Curse duration and the relatively fast mana regeneration of the Mystic. Additionally, the Berserk buff granted to self from the Soul of the Bearer and the T5 and 6 Orbs are nullified should there be a Warrior; the same goes for the Conflict’s Damaging buff if there is a Paladin.

Trickster: Not typically a great class for this event, because of the dagger. Her decoy is somewhat situational in this fight, as there are mostly non-aimed attacks: however, the Trickster does shine should the Sentry enter one aimed phase. The Spectral Sentry can also be tricked, but once he goes around he will just start firing at the group again anyway. The Trickster can additionally use her teleportation to get over the rings in the red rings phase, as well as quickly escape tight situations.

Sorcerer: A great class with unbeatable range. While he lacks a healing spell, the scepter can be good for clearing other enemies that are in the way of the fight, especially if the fight is in godlands. The Scepter of Devastation will deal massive damage if there are no other targets, making it a good choice if a player owns one. This fight is not terribly difficult on a Sorcerer due to his long range so if the player does not have a Priest or there is one already there, Sorcerer is a solid choice. This is also a great class to learn the phases on, as the player can still deal damage while staying back.

Ninja: The Ninja is generally not a very good class for this fight. The katana requires the Ninja to get dangerously close to the Sentry, and that does not work well with leather armor. On the other hand, tiered stars have a very long range, allowing Ninja to engage the Sentry from a safe distance. Doom Circle is the ideal star to use for this fight, due to it having the best mana efficiency for damage. The Midnight Star’s paralyze is pointless, since neither Sentries will be significantly affected by it.

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During MOTMG 2020, the sprite for Lost Sentry changed to fit the Reconstruction theme. However, unlike most reskinned event bosses, the name didn’t change.
MOTMG Lost Sentry Moderately Damaged MOTMG Lost Sentry Damaged MOTMG Lost Sentry  Heavily Damaged MOTMG Lost Sentry Critically Damaged MOTMG Lost Sentry

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