Ghost King

Last updated: 12.0.0

The Ghost King is a quest monster that spawns in tower setpieces in the Realm. Killing all Ghost Kings in a realm is required to close it. Ghost Kings have a chance of dropping two of the four pieces of the Hollow King Necromancer ST Set.



HP: 5000
DEF: 7
EXP: 195
Location: Highlands
Setpiece: Tower

Level 15 Quest
Immune to Stasis
Counts toward Undead Kills
Counts toward Hero Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet


  • Chase Range: 7
  • Chase Speed: 10
  • Wander Speed: 4
  • Taunts
    • When initially attacked: “No corporeal creature can kill my sorrow”
    • Right before first spawn phase: “Aye, let’s be miserable together”
    • Unbuffed: “Just you? I guess you don’t have any friends to play with.”
    • Slightly buffed: “Such a small party.”
    • Heavily buffed: “There’s a MOB of you.”
    • Fully buffed: “What a HUGE MOB!”
    • Fully buffed, spawning: “I feel almost manic!”
    • Buffed, last group spawn: “Misery loves company!”
    • While chasing players: “I cannot be defeated while my loyal subjects sustain me!”
    • Ghost Master: “Your secret soul master is dying, Your Majesty!”
    • When Ghost Master is killed: “I feel my flesh again! For the first time in a 1000 (sic) years I LIVE!”
    • “Will you release me?”
    • When waited out long enough: You have sapped my energy. A curse on you!
    • “I am still so very alone”
    • Ghost Master then says, “I cannot live with my betrayal”
      -At some point, Large Ghost also says “The King’s wife died here. For her memory.”
  • Setpiece Range: 5
  • Return Speed: 8

When you challenge him, he swells in size, and summons ghost archers to aid him. The Ghost King will summon archers depending on how strong you are, so gather a group of friends and anger and then prepare for a boss battle! He becomes invulnerable for a long duration, and will become vulnerable if either A: You kill the Ghost Master, or B: You wait the Ghost King out. Either situations end in the Ghost King walking back and forth, vulnerable, and easy to kill at that point onward.



Ghost MasterGhost Master
Small GhostSmall Ghost
Medium GhostMedium Ghost (when buffed)
Large GhostLarge Ghost (when buffed)

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Tips and Strategies


  • Being an evaluation boss, he can become stronger as you do more damage during his evaluation phase. However, the Ghost King only spawns more Ghost Archers to fight as he is buffed, and does not spawn any special enemies like an Ent Ancient or Lich would. The number of Ghost Archers on a buffed Ghost King (as many as 24, including the Ghost Master, when fully buffed) can put out substantial EXP. But be careful and prepared; the sheer amount of arrows can still be lethal, especially to low defense characters.

  • The Ghost Master is always spawned on the very right side (at 0 degrees orientation). He can be “spotted” by hitting him until he grows to the size of a Large Ghost. He will then fire four arrows at an odd angle, thereby making him easy to locate. Targeting him first will allow you to kill the Ghost King faster.

  • Another way to know which Ghost Archer is the Ghost Master is to look at his health bar. You will notice that his health bar will not go down while damaging him, unlike the others, and will only start going down when the Ghost King is vulnerable.

  • This is a prime situation where the Staff of Extreme Prejudice shines, as a staff class with maxed Defense can almost instantly obliterate both the Ghost King and his attendants by simply sitting on top of them, shrugging off most of the damage dealt back in return. However, high defense does not mean invincibility, and unless one has a decent healing pet or is a Necromancer, health can be whittled down very quickly.

    • An EP owner can also go and sit on top of the Ghost King during the evaluation phase to fully buff him almost effortlessly that way - be prepared should such a situation happen!

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