Thousand Shot

Thousand Shot Thousand Shot Arrow A deadly repeater crossbow and a marvel of craftsmanship. This mechanical weapon is efficient, but carries additional weight.

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 40–130 (average: 85)
Projectile Speed 16.5 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.46 seconds
Range 7.59 tiles
Effect(s) Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Rate of Fire 200%
On Equip -5 SPD, +30 MP
Fame Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 900

The Thousand Shot, commonly called tshot, is a unique bow that has the highest rate of fire compared to that of any other weapon.

With a maxed ATT stat of 75 for bow classes, the Thousand Shot’s DPS outstrips the Coral Bow starting at 19 DEF, the Doom Bow up to 25 DEF, and the Bow of Covert Havens starting at 34 DEF. Although the Leaf Bow retains much higher DPS than the Thousand Shot, especially on singular boss fights, it is still not as versatile as the Thousand Shot due to its shorter range, inability to pierce, and wavy shot pattern.

This bow also has a high range of 7.59 tiles, beating the range of the Doom Bow and Leaf Bow, and only being beaten by the Bergenia Bow by 0.41 tiles. This bow’s +30 MP may help in perma-paralyzing enemies or throwing an additional trap.

The Thousand Shot reduces your movement by 5; however, speed bonus gear (e.g. Coral Trap, Spectral Cloth, Coral Silk, Leaf Dragon, Harlequin, tiered speed rings, Nile) can compensate for this weakness.

Nonetheless, if speed is necessary (e.g. quickly farming early game dungeons, running away from shotguns, competing with others rushing a Wine Cellar), it may be preferable to use a different bow instead.

Overall, the Thousand Shot is a great bow that can be used even as a main bow for early-to-mid game content. Again, it does have its weaknesses, like its reduction of speed, or difficulty to acquire. The Thousand Shot should ideally be used as a swap-out bow for quests in The Realm, and not used as a main bow like the Doom Bow.

Initially, the Thousand Shot was an item obtainable from alpha-testing the game, or through the developers/admins spawning it in. However, it was not a drop in that period of time.

The Thousand Shot had been in the game code for a very long time since Kabam’s ownership, and was even once leaked into the game when hackers decided to spawn the items into the game, but was quickly removed after the developers found out.

Before it was put into the game again and given a drop location, this bow was planned to be a vanity item, with only 50–75 damage and a 7.2 range, which mockingly rivals the DPS of the Tier 9 Verdant Bow.