Toxic Sewers

Last updated: Exalt Version (Aug 2020)
Toxic Sewers
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4

The Toxic Sewers is a medium-level dungeon that is a source of Potions of Defense, the Murky Toxin, the Void Blade, and two pieces of the Acidified Assassin ST Set. Entrances to the Toxic Sewers are dropped from Slime Gods.

In the dungeon, there is an abundance of Sludge which inflicts Skull Sick whenever players stand on it. They will still be sickened for a few seconds even after leaving the Sludge onto safe ground.

The Realm Eye says:
In the age when the realm was peacefully populated, a remarkably advanced drainage system was in operation. When Oryx came to power and the realm was abandoned, the sewers were left without maintenance. The sickly environment became a home for many of the realm’s most reviled creatures.


Toxic Sewers Key The Toxic Sewers Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Toxic Sewers Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.



The dungeon consists of a network of rooms designed as narrow corridors, occasionally with branching paths. Most rooms have a river of Sludge in the center and normal tiles on the edges. The starting and treasure rooms are small, square rooms, while the boss room is a large rounded square room mostly filled with Sludge but containing a square walkway in the center. The floor tiles are consist of dark gray tiles, often with Sludge stains (which do not inflict Sick), and grated walkways. The walls consist of gray bricks.

There is a rare chance to find a treasure room containing the Master Rat. Note that the spawn chance of the treasure room is much lower than those in other dungeons. However, there is also a uncommon chance to encounter the Golden Rat enemy in any normal room, which is more common than finding a treasure room.

Example Layout


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Enemies and Environmental Hazards


Environmental Hazards

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Treasure Room Boss

There is a rare chance to find a treasure room in each instance of the dungeon. The Master Rat sits in a small square room. Upon being found, it will ask players one question. Answering it correctly will cause it to spawn four harmless turtles that have a chance of dropping loot. Not correctly answering the question in time will cause it to explode into projectiles and drop no loot.

Special Encounter

While navigating through the Toxic Sewers, there is an uncommon chance to encounter a Golden Rat. Once found, it will say “Squeek!” in chat, notifying all players inside that it has been found. You will have to chase it and kill it quickly to get the loot before it disappears.

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Toxic Sewers is part of the Standard Quest pool from the Tinkerer and has five associated quests, including a scout quest.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
Scout the Sewers Scout the Toxic Sewers and report back here! Mark of Gulpord Potion of DefensePotion of Defense
The Slime God Defeat Gulpord in the Toxic Sewers. Mark of GulpordMark of GulpordMark of GulpordMark of Gulpord
Mark of GulpordMark of Gulpord
Quest Chest
To the Mountains! Head to the mountains to take down Oryx’s generals! Mark of SeptaviusMark of LimonMark of GulpordMark of Malphas
Mark of Dr. TerribleMark of Puppet MasterMark of Skuld
As Above, So Below Take to the skies and sink to the depths for this quest! Mark of LimonMark of LimonMark of Limon
Mark of GulpordMark of GulpordMark of Gulpord
Rainbow Road Bring me some marks while you search for stat potions! Mark of SeptaviusMark of LimonMark of GulpordMark of Malphas

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Tips and Strategies

Note: These tips are general tips for all classes, and all players. Some classes may require different strategies.

Try and stick to the sides of the hallways and on the walkways, as the sewer water applies sick which can result in your death due to a lack of HP regeneration! Notably, the water in the narrow hallways between rooms does not cause sick. Just make sure not to over zealously stick to the hallways to the point that those pesky brutes can take a good whack at you (they can do triple digit DPS if you are unmaxed).

Before engaging in a fight with Gulpord, it should be noted that there are three slime gods surrounding him. Those slimes combined with Gulpord’s frequent armor break stars can spell a quick death for any class! Due to this, it’s a good idea to clear the slime gods by walking on the very edge of the boss room (the area with sewage). This tactic is similar to clearing the white demons in an abyss. Beware: walking along the grating will activate Gulpord.

Though you may have high defense, beware of Gulpord’s final phase, where he will flash red and rush at the nearest player, throwing armor break stars at the player and firing rings of slow stars. He may be big, but he moves fast and does large amounts of damage. Just to make it more of a pain, he is immune to stun at this phase, so knights are not as effective. If you have a Crystal Sword, now’s the time to use it.

An archer/huntress/sorc/necro with slow or paralyze are all great choices for Gulpord, as these abilities can give you a lot more breathing room for his chase phase.

As with many other mountain dungeons, a party of 2 players are both guaranteed to obtain a potion of defense. Having a well-coordinated two-man team is very worthwhile.

It’s worth mentioning that there are exactly 8 rooms between the spawn room and the boss room in every Toxic Sewers. If you are close to the 8th room and it’s not under the boss, you should find another route unless you want to locate a treasure room first.

The entrance to the boss is always from the south (bottom of the minimap), as is the entrance to the treasure room.

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  • The Toxic Sewers was originally called the “Dank Sewer” when it was still being developed.
  • The Toxic Sewers was released on Patch 27.7.X6 (Oct 2016), along with the Puppet Master’s Encore and The Hive, which represented DECA’s first major content addition to the game.
  • The dungeon was designed by Kiddforce, a former member of the “User-Generated Content” group who is now an official DECA developer.
  • The dungeon was intended to be the dedicated Potion of Defense source from Godlands dungeons. Upon its release, Potions of Defense were no longer a guaranteed drop from Archdemon Malphas, the boss of the Abyss of Demons.

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