Tomb of the Ancients

Last updated: X.31.9.3
Tomb of the Ancients
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5

The Tomb of the Ancients is an high-level dungeon whose portal has a guaranteed (as of X.31.9.3) chance of dropping from Grand Sphinx event boss, which spawns once per realm. The portal stays open for 30 seconds.

The Tomb is a source of the rare Potions of Life, powerful untiered rings, the Tome of Holy Protection, the Pharaoh’s Requiem, and the entire Priest of Geb ST Set. The dungeon has several hazards, including indestructible turrets that cause various status effects, quicksand that slows movement the longer players are in it, powerful enemies, and a highly strategic boss fight.


Tomb of the Ancients Key The Tomb of the Ancients Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.


See the Tomb of the Ancients Guide for a complete walkthrough on the dungeon and all its enemies.

The Realm Eye says:
The final resting place of the old gods is considered by archaeologists to be a time capsule of ancient culture.
However, research is limited due to the infestation of cursed monsters. They were brought to life through forgotten necromancy and designed as guardians of the tombs.
Generations of mortals have survived in the catacombs as well, perpetually carrying out ceremonies to prevent the awakening of the old gods.



Tomb Layout

Example Layout of the Tomb of the Ancients after 4 treasure rooms:

Only 1 Sarcophagus to kill

The Dungeon

You enter the Tomb in the boss room. However, the bosses are inactive until you complete the dungeon quests; killing all the Sarcophagi. The Sarcophagi are scattered throughout the Tomb. To reach them, you must deal with quick-sand, indestructible traps, and a host of unique (and deadly) minions - all with significant health, damage, and crowd-controlling abilities. Each tomb has 5 “event” rooms where there will be either sarcophagi or treasure with a minimum of 1 sarcophagus in each tomb. IE, if there were 3 sarcophagi destroyed and the tomb bosses have activated, there must be 2 treasure rooms left somewhere. Once all Sarcophagi are destroyed, the Bosses will become active.

Interestingly, every dead end will either be Sarcophagi or treasure.

Tips and Strategies

Fast Clear - the fastest way to clear the Tomb is to have a Rogue run-and-cloak to bypass all the intermediate rooms between the Sarcophagi. This allows the remainder of the group to teleport to the quests. This strategy will also involve leaving at least one person near the dungeon entrance, allowing the group to quickly engage the bosses after the last Sarcophagus is killed. The beauty of this strategy is it can be accomplished with very small groups, avoiding in otherwise epic amount of time wasted on lesser minions. Most often, people call for a style of Tombing collectively referred to as Clean; Its opposite is often called FFA (Free-For-All. As its name suggests, bullets fly, people die, and the Mad God smiles upon thee). The fundamental principle of Clean is to preserve the lives of the players. To proceed in the Tomb safely, one boss is often attacked at a time, as the bosses only begin to attack upon receiving a set amount of damage. In other words, unless provoked, they will simply stand around. The most popular method (for fighting bosses is) Bes, Nut, and Geb, in that order. When Tombs were new, Nut was the primary target, due to her status as the healer. Geb is seldom attacked first, except in FFA.

Tips to keep in mind when first attempting a tomb in a large group or in a small group:

(20+ players) Large Group preliminary:
The easiest way to complete this dungeon, with a large group, is to sit back until a designated rusher reaches the sarcophagus rooms. When they reach the rooms, the kind thing to do is to help them clear the sarcophagi and teleport back to the main room and wait for the next room. Repeat this until all rooms are cleared.

Large Group Boss Fight:
The chances of the all bosses being activated is large, but if possible try and keep the tomb “clean” (staying in the designated attack order).

(-10 players) Small Group preliminary:
A small group is general preferred by more experienced players, but this can be quite a challenge for beginning players. The best way is to let a rushing player do their job, but in smaller groups this isn’t always possible. If there is still a chance that the bosses can be cleared, clear the dungeon of monsters as you go sarcophagi to sarcophagi.

Small Group Boss notes:
In a tomb, with a small group, it is critical to not fight all bosses at once. In a smaller group this is multiplied. Fighting the bosses out of order can result death.

Notes for any group:
Remember, these bosses can do serious damage and take all precautions possible! (especially on melee classes). The first thing to think about is risk over gain.

Enemies and Hazards

Bomb Trap

Frequently found between Sarcophagi chambers, along with the turrets.
Trap/Switch Notes
Bomb Trap
Bomb Trap
Up to 8 in a room
Laid out in a circle pattern
Toss grenades endlessly
Does not aim at players
120 damage per grenade
Fires every 1.5s
Trap Bomb Switch
Trap Bomb Switch
Found in the center of room
Standing on it for 3 seconds will turn off all the Bomb Traps in the room.

Elemental Turrets

Various elemental turrets are found in most rooms. These cannot be destroyed but can still be temporarily disabled by stuns and stasising. Their projectiles cause moderate damage but inflict dangerous status effects. - Thunder turrets inflict paralyze. Turrets found at the perimeter of a room will shoot a spiral pattern of projectiles in two directions. Turrets found at the center of the room will periodically shoot 4 fast moving projectiles in random, opposite directions. - Flame turrets inflict armor break. Turrets found at the perimeter of a room will aim a stream of projectiles at the closest player. Turrets found at the center of the room will shoot bursts of projectiles in 3 directions. - Frost turrets inflict slow. Turrets found at the perimeter of a room will aim a stream of projectiles at the closest player. Turrets found at the center of the room will shoot a spiral pattern of projectiles in 5 directions.

Tomb Gang

These enemies have periods of invulnerability and shoot radial bursts of projectiles. Eagle Sentries will chase players while Lion Archers and Jackal Priests will tend to keep their distance from players.


Jackals do not cause any status effects with their attacks, but they inflict high damage. Groups of jackals are led by a Jackal Lord, which spawns jackal minions that chase players. Jackal Lords will slowly follow players but will retreat when they have taken enough damage. Jackals are particularly dangerous for players stuck in quicksand and can surprise players who enter undiscovered rooms.

Bloated Mummies and Scarabs

Scarabs are highly aggressive enemies that will chase players and paralyze them and can easily kill characters with low defense or have been armor broken from a fire turret. They spawn from Bloated Mummies.


Up to 5 sarcophagi, marked as quest bosses, must be destroyed before the bosses awaken. They are protected by a group of worshiping priests and priestesses which circle the sarcophagus and continuously heal it.

Treasure Room:

Golden, circular rooms can be randomly found in the dungeon and contain a lone Treasure Sarcophagus in the center, which does not attack but warns players of their vandalism. It can drop Tier 9 to 10 equipment, Tier 4 rings, and three potions (Attack/Defense/Speed). Once it has taken enough damage, it will spawn 8 Canopic Jars, which drop Health and Magic Potions when destroyed and occasionally will spawn a lone scarab.


Masters have 3000hp, Minions have 200hp
Swarm Type Damage/Effects
Red Swarm Masters Red Masters 80 damage 40 damage, armor pierce 60 damage, armor pierce
Red Swarm Minions Red Minions 20 damage, armor pierce
Yellow Swarm Masters Yellow Masters 40 damage, Blind for 4 second 80 damage, Confuse for 2 second
Yellow Swarm Minions Yellow Minions Blind for 1 second
Blue Swarm Masters Blue Masters 60 damage 100 damage, Weak for 1.2 second
Blue Swarm Minions Blue Minions Weak for 1.2 second


Half-Boss Facts
  • This is a Sarcophagus
  • It has only one attack: Shoots multiple projectiles that stun for 6-8 seconds
  • It has 8 sentries. They have 4 attacks : one weakens, the other three cause significant damage.
  • Killing off these “sentries” one by one is the best way because they continuously heal the sarcophagus by 200 HP per second.
  • Sarcophagus drops tinctures

Dungeon Bosses:

Boss Facts
  • This is BES
  • He’s a Tank
  • His Silver Shield stuns - It looks similar to the white stun of the Sarcophagus.
  • His Fire Boomerang - breaks armor.
  • Stationary on rage phase, but will chase if you get too close.
  • Drops Potion of Life, Ring of the Pyramid, Tome of Holy Protection & Wine Cellar Incantation (Soulbound)
  • This is NUT
  • She’s a healer and crowd-controller.
  • You will see: Slow, Blind, Weak, Quiet, Paralyze, and Armor Break.
  • Most of these effects come from boomerang bullets and arrows.
  • Each phase there are more status-effecting bullets.
  • Watch out for an arrow with green feathers at final phases. It causes the most significant damage + paralyze.
  • She is stationary during rage phase, but will quickly chase you if you’re in range.
  • A rogue’s cloak will prevent some targeted attacks. It will not negate damage or status effects.
  • Drops Potion of Life, Ring of the Sphinx, Pharaoh’s Requiem & Wine Cellar Incantation (Soulbound)
Dat Wizard~
  • This is GEB
  • His role is a damage dealer
  • His grenades hurt. There are more grenades for each phase
  • Watch for Darkness Bullets (280hp per hit, ouch), more bullets for each phase. They also pierce. Other bosses also use the Darkness Bullets. They all hurt but not quite as much as Geb’s.
  • Stationary on rage phase, but will back up if you get too close.
  • Charges forward approximately every 8 seconds if a player is in range during rage phase.
  • Drops Potion of Life, Ring of the Nile, Scepter of Geb, Book of Geb & Wine Cellar Incantation (Soulbound)
The Fight:

All bosses are activated together and circle the center of their room. Each boss has different phases based around their total HP. Each phase typically entails more bullets, damage, crowd-control, different movement speed, and different boss positioning. The natural kill order is shown in the above table from top to bottom (due to Pyramid Artifacts and Bes’ abilities being the least deadly of the three bosses) Build 121 Fight Changes: The room has a lot more quicksand and now has 4 large pillars and 4 small pillars to hide behind for the fight. The addition of more quicksand makes the fight harder than the previous build.

Bosses - Detailed

Geb StatueGeb Awake


-Attacker. 90,000 HP 30 def Dark Gray Spinner: No DMG, Weak for 10 seconds Green Boomerang: 100 DMG, Slow for 5 seconds Fire Magic: 30 DMG, Armor Pierce Black Small Magic: 200 DMG. Long Range. Black Magic: 280 DMG. Long Range. Weak Nuke: 40 Damage with an insane AOE like 8-10. Grenade: 70 DMG. With same AOE as traps. Grenade: 120 DMG. Same AOE as medusas. Fireball: 80 DMG, These surrounding him when he’s at 50% HP, these also multi-hit. -Summons: Scarab Scarabs at range of 4-8. 3 of them, 5 when 20% hp. Nile Artifact Nile Artifact: 180 DMG, Triangle Shot, summons when nearing death.

Bes StatueBes Awake


-Defender. 100,000 HP 50 def Dark Gray Spinner: No DMG, Weak for 10 seconds Silver Shield: 2 types, one does 160 DMG the other does 60 DMG, both Stun for 1.2 seconds. Red Boomerang: 150 DMG, Armor Break for 5 seconds (0 def for 5 seconds gets you killed faster, beware!). Black Magic: 240 DMG. Long Range. -Summons: Pyramid Artifact Pyramid Artifact: Very fast Tri-shoot. 40 DMG, Weak for 2 seconds.

Nut StatueNut Awake


-Supporter/Healer. 80,000 HP 15 def Dark Gray Spinner: No DMG, Weak for 10 seconds Black Arrow: 40 DMG, Armor Break for 3 seconds Green Quiver Arrow: 200 DMG, Paralyze for 1.4 seconds Blue Bullets: 50 DMG, Paralyze for 1 second Grey Boomerang: 40 DMG, Quiet for 1 second Blue Boomerang: 40 DMG, Weak for 5 seconds Green Boomerang: 40 DMG, Slow for 5 seconds Purple Boomerang: 40 DMG, Blind for 5 seconds Charge Stage: (Added skills only during charge stage [10% HP]) Black Magic: 180 DMG. Long Range. Heals Geb and Bes 100 HP per heal. This can also be 40 HP depending which phase Nut is in. -Summons: Sphinx Artifact Sphinx Artifact: Shoots 2 types of green stars: 80 DMG, Slow for 3 seconds. 120 DMG, Slow for 5 seconds, bigger size.



Awakening (After all the Sarcophagus are destroyed) “YOU HAVE AWAKENED US!” During Battle: “Nut, protect me at once!” Artifact Phase: “My artifacts shall destroy you from your soul to your flesh!” Before Charge/Critical Phase: “Argh! You shall pay for your crimes!”


Awakening: “THIS WILL NOW BE YOUR TOMB!” Battle: “Impudence! I am an immortal, I needn’t take you seriously.” “The others use tricks, but I shall stun you with my brute strength!” “Awe at my wondrous defense!” “Nut, disable our foes!” Artifact Phase: “My artifacts shall prove my wall of defense is impenetrable!” Before Charge/Critical Phase: “The end of your path is here!”


Awakening: “ENOUGH OF YOUR VANDALISM!” During Battle: “Bes, become my wall of defense!” “Geb, eradicate these cretins from our tomb!” Artifact Phase: “My artifacts shall make your lethargic lives end much more switfly!” Before Charge/Critical Phase: “This cannot be! You shall not succeed!”

Drops of Interest


  • Released in November 28 of 2011.


  • This dungeon was intended to be the most challenging one in the game upon its release. Its status was first supplanted by the release of The Shatters in 2013 and additional endgame dungeons since then.