Heroic Undead Lair

Last updated: X32.7.1
Heroic Undead Lair
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled
Limit of 15 player(s)

The Heroic Undead Lair is a high-level boss room dungeon that is a more dangerous but more rewarding version of the Undead Lair boss fight. It is a very good dungeon to farm for UT and ST drops. As well as being only a boss dungeon, another key difference between this and the normal Undead Lair is that pets are not allowed in the dungeon.


The Heroic Undead Lair Key is usually not available for purchase in Nexus. It can be purchased through Packages and Mystery Boxes during special events.




  • This dungeon was originally the first heroic dungeon to be released, in the form of a full-length more difficult version of the Undead Lair, but due to negative player feedback the dungeon was reworked into the current boss fight dungeon. Details of the original dungeon can be found here.
  • Access to the dungeon was previously via a Heroic Undead Lair Incantation which had to be activated on top of a standard Undead Lair portal. This idea was scrapped for the rework and access is now via a normal key.



Heroic Undead Lair Layout
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Tips and Strategies

Completing this dungeon is considerably more difficult than completing a normal Undead Lair boss room due to the increased health and attack damage of enemies paired with the lack of pets in the dungeon. You can back out of the boss room if you are overwhelmed by Septavius’s attacks.
Bringing a character maxed in defense, attack, and dexterity is recommended, although the most crucial stat to max in this case is defense due to the enemies’ much higher damage.

Drops of Interest