Last updated: X31.8.0
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled
Limit of 25 player(s)

Malogia is a high level “planet” dungeon introduced for Month of the Mad God 2019. Like the rest of its kind, it is a timed gauntlet dungeon where players race against the clock to dispatch waves of enemies for loot.

This dungeon is a source of numerous potions, Malogian Tokens, and various pieces of alien gear.

Wormholes to Malogia spawn randomly when the Alien UFO event boss is slain.

The Realm Eye says:
Malogia is a planet not so different from our own, at least in terms of environment. The natives have only started to form some semblance of what you could call a civilization.
Despite being so primitive, they are deceptively ferocious in combat. Colonizing their planet was not as easy as Commander Calbrik anticipated, though he did ultimately prevail.


Malogia Key The Malogia Key is not sold in the Nexus, and must be obtained through other means.


Layout and Mechanics

Malogia Layout


Malogia Screenshot

Malogia consists of a plain, circular area with 4 barriers made of trees, and unlike the other three planets it lacks any hazards. The enemies spawn from 4 UFOs along the edge of the area, and decorative enemies can be seen fighting each other on the outskirts of the arena.

The Dungeon is a timed gauntlet: players are tasked with killing waves of enemies as fast as they can, with the Alien Satellite in the center giving warnings to how much time is left. Every time the stage is cleared of enemies, more will spawn in to replace them. There are three waves with 4 sub-waves each - for a total of 12 waves - and every fourth wave has a designated boss that can drop loot.

If the time limit runs out, the enemies will stop spawning after the current wave is defeated, with the Alien Satellite turning into a wormhole back to the Realm. On the other hand, if all 12 waves are completed within the time limit, the Satellite Core will become vulnerable and can be destroyed for extra loot.

As players advance through the waves, the difficulty of the enemies will increase

  • Waves 1-3 feature Blorglings, Znorglings, and Ptorgians. The Neo Ptorgian appears as the boss of wave 4.
  • Waves 5-7 add Blorgians, Phorglings, Znorgians, and Neo Ptorgians. The Neo Znorgian appears as the boss of wave 8.
  • Waves 9-11 add Blorgorms, Phorgians, and Neo Znorgians. The Suesogian appears as the final boss in wave 12.

In addition, the amount of time alotted for each wave increases along with the difficulty. However, the amount of time alotted also decreases with the number of players in the dungeon.



Note: After a boss is killed for the first time, they can appear in any following waves as standard enemies. They can still drop their loot, albeit without the tokens.

Wave 1 Boss

Wave 2 Boss

Final Boss