Rainbow Road

Last updated: X.23.1.0
Rainbow Road
Difficulty: 1

Rainbow Road is an event dungeon which is dropped by the Leprechaun. It was released for
St. Patrick’s Day 2017.


Rainbow Road Key The Rainbow Road Key is not sold in the Nexus and was only obtainable by players during St. Patrick 2019 Events.

The Realm Eye says:
As natural occurrences, rainbows are exceptionally rare in the realm. Most rainbows witnessed today are actually magical constructs.
The beacon in the sky directly links hidden treasures with the leprechaun they belong to, connected by a tangible bridge of light rays.



Rainbow Road Layout

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Pot of Gold

Rainbow Road

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The only enemy which spawns inside the dungeon is a Pot of gold, similar to a Test chest. It won’t attack you and it stays invulnerable for a few seconds.

St. Patricks Event Chest

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Drop Rate Note
If you have a group of three, all three are guaranteed to have a Brew dropped.

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