Magic Woods

Last updated: X32.7.1
Magic Woods
Difficulty: 2Difficulty: 2

The Magic Woods is a low-level dungeon that was released for Easter 2018 (March 29, 2018) for Patch X.24.0.0. Its production was lead by Toastrz and its art from Poshun, Atrapper & Beige, with special thanks given to Kiddforce.

The Dungeon is a source of Speed and Dexterity Potions, low-to-mid level gear, the Fairy Dust consumable, and a low-level UT Mystic set.

The dungeon has a chance of dropping from Ent Gods and Ent Ancients.

Many years ago, a legendary guild existed that stood far above the rest. It consisted of only the strongest and most powerful heroes to ever grace the realm. To this day, their names go down in history and it is commonplace for younger adventurers to adopt their titles. Their namesakes are what many know as the “default names.” This mighty band of travelers eventually died off, but not without leaving behind a legacy and a trace of their collective power.

In a small and remote glade at the far reaches of the realm, every one of them agreed to transform their remaining life essence into a forest spirit, otherwise known as fairies. The woods have gone undisturbed for years, but due to the lack of an independent consciousness, the fairies have forgotten their purpose and consider anyone a trespasser. None of them will go down without a fight, but the source of their strength may also lie somewhere in the forest.
- Original Description


Magic Woods Key The Magic Woods Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Magic Woods Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.

The Realm Eye says:
A legendary guild once congregated at the heart of the Magic Woods in the pursuit of eternal life.
To preserve their spirits, they collectively gave their lives in the pure waters of a great spring.
Each member lives on as a fairy, but the lack of an independent consciousness has since caused them to forget their purpose.



Hive Layout


Fairies Fountain Spirit

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Lesser Fairies

Standard Fairies

Greater Fairies

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Fountain Spirit

Fountain Spirit

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Drops of Interest

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All of the enemies are named after the default character names for new players, which coincides with the lore given for the Dungeon.

A scepter-shaped room can occasionally be found, which is a reference to the Honey Scepter (both were made by the same person, and the scepter has been turned into a meme of sorts).

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