Candyland Hunting Grounds

Last updated: 4.0.0

The Candyland Hunting Grounds is medium level dungeon that is rarely found but can be farmed indefinitely for loot.

This dungeon is intended for medium-high level players (Suggested Level: 20 and Defense Maxed), because bosses do high damage per bullet.

Entrances to the Candyland Hunting Grounds are dropped from Candy Gnomes, a rare enemy in the Midlands.

Note that the portal is not a 100% drop


Candy KeyThe Candy Key is no longer available in the nexus.


See the Candyland Hunting Grounds Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.


  • Note that this dungeon does not have to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.
  • The bosses drop the First UT Heavy Armor in the game, the Candy-Coated Armor.
  • The Candy-Coated Armor and the Candy Ring are the first items in the game to increase and decrease the Character’s stats at same time.
  • The Candy Ring was initially released with the name “Ring Pop” as the Build 17.4.
  • The Candyland Hunting Grounds is the ONLY dungeon that has no end.





Example Layout of the Candyland Hunting Grounds:

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Screenshot of the Candyland Hunting Grounds:







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Dungeon Bosses:

Gigacorn Gigacorn The beefy one Armour piercing shots. No minions.
Desire Troll
Desire Troll The massively OP one Wide radius bombs pack 150-200 damage. Also, the solo shots stun. No minions.
Spoiled Creampuff Spoiled Creampuff The wild one Decent amount of hp. Lots of minions. Hits will slow you.
Megarototo The tanky one Lots of hp. Stop and spellbomb while it’s still if you’re a wizard.
Swoll Fairy
Swoll Fairy The super crazy one Everything confuses you.

Note: Bosses will only spawn when you kill their “mini boss” counterparts. For example, a Big Creampuff has the chance of spawning a Spoiled Creampuff, but the small creampuffs do not.
Note: Standing in the boss room will prevent bosses from spawning until all players leave the room.
Note: Sometimes, depending on the map, you will be able to pause in the corners of the boss room. This will NOT affect the boss spawn area, and will be one of the ONLY places where you can pause.
Note: Cloaking without anyone else nearby causes enemies to despawn, and respawn and despawn, until you uncloak.
Cloaking in the boss room does NOT prevent the bosses from spawning, potentially getting yourself killed instantly. Cloak in at your own risk.



Drops of Interest