Hollow King Necromancer Set

Hollow King
Special Themed Set for: Necromancer
Set Additional Bonus: +25 HP, +30 MP, +7 ATT, +4 DEF, +5 DEX, +6 VIT
Overall Stat Bonus: Wearing the entire Hollow King Set will grant in total:
+100 HP, +65 MP, +20 ATT, +17 DEF, +2 DEX, +20 VIT
Items Drop from:
Edictum Praetoris: Septavius the Ghost God
Memento Mori: Ghost King
Toga Picta: Septavius the Ghost God
Interregnum: Ghost King

The Hollow King Set is the tenth special themed set to be released.

The set is soulbound, and drops from Septavius the Ghost God and Ghost Kings. Wearing the full set transforms the necromancer player into a 16x16 sprite and changes the weapon’s shot. The set confers additional stat bonuses when all the items are worn together.

Wearing this set on a maxed Necromancer makes their playstyle more like a Wizard, due to the high DPS and lack of healing. Notably, the Memento Mori is much easier to aim than a spellbomb, and self-buffs.

Like the Phylactery Set, the descriptions of all items in the Hollow King Set are unorthodox and in first-person narration, the Toga Picta and the Interregnum failing to even mention their respective items. However, unlike the Phylactery Set, all four descriptions are parts of a unified narrative1.

The story is told by a staff-wielding2 individual who dies in a duel with a “great spectre” and “join[s] him in undeath”3.

  1. The order of reading is Edictum Praetoris, Memento Mori, Toga Picta, and finally Interregnum.
  2. While the obvious assumption is that the narrator is/was a Necromancer, their refusal to accept the Memento Mori because they do not wish to “dabble in spirits” suggests otherwise.
  3. This is likely what “Hollow King” refers to.