Coral Bow

Coral Bow Coral Arrow A bow fashioned from living coral found only in the deepest ocean trenches. It is the favored weapon of those that inhabit the realms beneath the waves.

Reskin(s) Arctic Bow

Tier UT
Shots 2 (arc gap: 11.25°)
Damage 60–80 (average: 70 / total: 140)
Projectile Speed 18.5 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.42 seconds
Range 7.77 tiles (true range: 5.08 tiles)
Effects Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Rate of Fire 125%
Fame Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1200


The Coral Bow (or “Cbow”) is the among the most widely-used bows, often considered a direct upgrade from the Bow of Covert Havens. This is due to its longer true range than tiered bows (5.08 tiles compared to 3.56 for tiered bows) as well as only slightly less DPS than the Covert when all shots hit. Its higher projectile speed also makes it easier to hit moving targets.

It’s often used for defeating dungeon enemies and Gods of the Realm, and out-damages the Doom Bow when used against an armor-broken Test Chest.

Coral Bow is often carried in partnership with the Doom Bow - the Doom Bow being used for tackling bosses and high defense enemies, and the Coral Bow for everything else.

The Thousand Shot is an alternative middle-ground bow with similar DPS to the Coral Bow but a single stream of fire, meaning with good aim your true range is a generous 7.59 tiles. Thousand Shot is, however, harder to obtain and its -5 speed penalty might be detrimental.