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Court of Oryx

Last updated: Patch 32.4.1
Court of Oryx

The Court of Oryx is a room accessible via a portal after killing Janus the Doorwarden in Oryx’s Castle. From this area, several mini-dungeons will be opened by Craig, Intern of the Mad God.

The Realm Eye says:
Oryx’s court consists of his most valued and trusted allies.
Holding conferences in the same roomed proved difficult due to disputes in environmental preference, especially between Shaitan and the Royal Cnidarian.
As a compromise, Oryx commanded the first minion he saw to immediately reconstruct their living quarters and allow easy traversal for each court member.


Court of Oryx Layout


Craig, Intern of the Mad God Craig, Intern of the Mad God


Name Portal Difficulty Boss(es) Notes
Lair of Shaitan Lair of Shaitan 5 Shaitan the Advisor
Puppet Master’s Encore Puppet Master's Encore 5 The Puppet Master (Encore)
Cnidarian Reef Cnidarian Reef 5 Royal Cnidarian Introduced in Patch X.27.0.0
Secluded Thicket Secluded Thicket 5 Tezcacoatl the Great Basilisk
El Dorado
Xolotl the Lightning God
Introduced in Patch X.30.0.0
High Tech Terror High Tech Terror 5 F.E.R.A.L. Introduced in Exalt Version
Ice Tomb Ice Tomb 5 Frimar
Only Available during Winter 2017-18 (no longer spawns)

Additional Notes

  • Prior to Patch X.27.0.0, only one dungeon was spawned, in a purely random fashion.

  • The Court of Oryx remains fairly unpopular for one reason - the fact that going in this room means missing out on both Oryx’s Chamber and the Wine Cellar, with the latter in particular offering far superior drops than the mini-dungeons spawned by the Court, notably Tier 13 Armor and Tier 12 Weapons, and a chance to deal the killing blow to Oryx in either one, which means a boost in fame gained upon death.

  • Regardless, if you desire obtaining the dungeons’ exclusive untiered drops, feel free to prompt anyone about the Court, preferably before you get teleported to Oryx’s Castle due to the rushing nature of the dungeon. Soloing any of the Court’s mini-dungeons is generally not recommended due to the fact one can get overwhelmed very easily in all four, so a fair-sized party is ideal to complete them.


Before release 32.4.1, the sprite originally looked like this:
Old Court of Oryx Sprite