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Bonegrind the Undead Butcher

Last updated: Release 27.7.X7.0
Bonegrind the Undead Butcher

Bonegrind the Undead Butcher is an event boss that spawns within the Zombie Horde after a certain amount of minions are killed.



HP: 70,000 (+10% [7000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 60
EXP: 390
Location: Mountains

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Quest Boss

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Big Zombie Wave 60 Sick for 6s 30 10
Big Zombie Wave 90 Sick for 6s 60 10
Big Zombie Wave 120 Sick for 6s 90 10
Bonegrind Cleaver 110 Armor Broken for 4s 75 16 Piercing


Bonegrind is spawned in once a certain number of standard zombies in the Zombie Horde are killed. He will be invulnerable while spawning, and will taunt before beginning his battle.
“Rrrgghhh…remember me?!””
“Ruuhhgg…fresh meat for us!”

Phase 1

Bonegrind wanders in place, randomly choosing between firing spreads of Armor Breaking cleavers or 4-way beams of Sickening waves. He will choose one of these two attacks every couple of seconds, gaining invulnerability times in between attacks.

Phase 2

Taunts: “You won’t get away again! Rhaargh!”
“Rrrgh, not this time, little one!”

At about 1/10 HP, Bonegrind flashes red and grows in size while becoming temporarily invulnerable. He will then begin rapidly firing both of his attack patterns simultaneously, at a much faster pace than before.

Upon reaching critical HP, he will stop moving, flash, and explode into a ring of Sickening waves.


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Tips and Strategies

Firstly, try avoiding the Sick shots if you can, Armor Break is bad but if you avoid sick you can at least heal, which you probably will as this is a popular boss that hopefully a priest/necro/pally will tp to. Just fire away and bring piercing weapons if you can because he does have a protective mob of zombies to shoot through and loot from.
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