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Last Updated: Release X.23.1.0

The Leprechaun spawned for St. Patrick’s Day 2017 and 2018. He always dropped the Rainbow Road.
There is two varient of him :
- The Leprechaun Statue spawns for Month of the Mad God 2017, which may drop the Pot of Gold directly, or the Rainbow Road very rarely.
- The Dungeon Leprechaun spawned for St. Patrick’s Day 2018 inside Tomb of the Ancients, Puppet Master’s Encore and Abyss of Demons after the bosses are slain.



HP: 10000
DEF: 25
EXP: 488

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Does not attack.


Acts similar to the Candy Gnome. It easily outruns Ninja and Warrior making it really hard to catch. It spawns a trail of spread out gold coins as it runs.


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If from a Leprechaun Statue, it will drop instead most of the time a :

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Tips and Strategies

Only spawns once per realm as a quest, making it essential to be in a fresh realm to find one. When the Leprechaun is still alive you can see two different quests as red dots on the minimap (but only the closest quest icon). If the closest quest to you is a different monster, that means the second red dot is the Leprechaun.

The Leprechaun is extremely fast and it is impossible to kill him without a lot of speed or a slowing item. Best strategy is to have a warrior/ninja rush towards him and try to corner him in the dark water so he cant run. Cornering him in other structures works too. Once you corner use Archer or Huntress to slow and attack. It is not stasis immune so a mystic is a plus. Repeat until he dies. Once dead he will drop a portal to Rainbow road or spawn a Pot of Gold.

Slowing the leprechaun helps a lot. It is however, immune to paralyze, so try to get as many slows in as possible.

An archer/huntress can slow the creature, but it is hard to aim (especially with a quiver). A Paladin with a Seal of Enchanted Forest can help slow the leprechaun down, and is generally more effective then a quiver, as the seal uses radius instead of a single shot. The Scepter of Fulmination also helps, as it doesn’t need much aiming.

When you do slow the leprechaun, try to have a group surround the monster, and shoot at it.

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