Court Magician Sorcerer Set

Court Magician Sorcerer
Class Sorcerer
Themed on A Magician’s Rabbit
Drops From Huntress Puppet (Encore), Trickster Puppet (Encore), Puppet of Pain, Puppet of Chaos (Magic Wand)
The Puppet Master (Encore) (Lightshow Scepter)
The Puppet Master (Magician's Robe)
Oryx Puppet (Performer's Hat)
Mighty Quest Chest (Magic Wand / Lightshow Scepter)
Standard Quest Chest (Magician's Robe / Performer's Hat)
Obtained Through Mystery Sorcerer ST Crate
Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest
2nd Piece Bonus +3 DEF, +2 DEX
3rd Piece Bonus +4 DEF, +3 DEX, +5 WIS
4th Piece Bonus -185 MP, +60 WIS
Subtotal of Bonuses -185 MP, +7 DEF, +5 DEX, +65 WIS
Overall Stat Bonus +100 HP, -235 MP, +19 DEF, +15 DEX, +75 WIS
Final Stats at 8/8 777 HP, 150 MP, 70 ATT, 44 DEF, 60 SPD, 75 DEX, 75 VIT, 135 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020)

A decently powerful set that beats out a tops set until very high defense and a Wand of the Fallen with tops until 26 defense, so if you have a Wand of the Fallen it would be more practical on higher def enemies.

The Court Magician Sorcerer Set is the 25th ST set to be released, alongside the Daring Discoverer Samurai Set and Slurp Scion Wizard Set, first obtainable in the “A STory of War III” Campaign. It is the second ST set for the Sorcerer after the Horrific Sorcerer Set.

The 16x16 ST skin and 8x8 Mini ST skin are the third and fourth rabbit-themed skins for sorcerer, after Stanley the Spring Bunny and Bunny Sorcerer.