Oryx's Battle Attires Set

Oryx Awesome
Special Themed Set for: Knight
Themed on: Oryx the Mad God
2nd Piece Bonus: +5 ATT
3rd Piece Bonus: +5 DEX, +15 DEF
4th Piece Bonus: +75 HP
Subtotal of Bonuses: +75 HP, +5 ATT, +15 DEF, +5 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus: +195 HP, +12 ATT, +29 DEF, +12 DEX,
Items drop from: Oryx the Mad God 2

The Oryx’s Battle Attires Set is the fourteenth ST set to be released. It is a remake of the now-retired Oryx Awesome Set.

This set is one based around DPS, sacrificing a portion of the Knight’s defenses in exchange for massively boosted damage capabilities. However, the loss of defenses can be somewhat mitigated by the 2.5 second DEF boost the Shield provides.

This set confers additional bonuses when at least two pieces of the set are worn together. Wearing the full set transforms the knight player into a 16x16 Oryx sprite and changes the weapon’s shots.