Oryx's Battle Attires Set

Oryx's Battle Attires
Set Generation
Class Knight
Themed on Oryx the Mad God
Drops From Oryx the Mad God 2 (Oryx's Greatsword / Champion's Bastion / Mercy's Bane / Bloodstone Ring)
Mighty Quest Chest (Oryx's Greatsword / Champion's Bastion / Mercy's Bane / Bloodstone Ring)
Obtained Through Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest
2nd Piece Bonus +5 ATT
3rd Piece Bonus +5 DEX, +15 DEF
4th Piece Bonus +75 HP
Subtotal of Bonuses +75 HP, +5 ATT, +15 DEF, +5 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus +195 HP, +12 ATT, +29 DEF, +12 DEX
Final Stats at 8/8 965 HP, 252 MP, 62 ATT, 69 DEF, 50 SPD, 62 DEX, 75 VIT, 50 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.31.0.0 (Oct 2018)

This set confers additional bonuses when at least two pieces of the set are worn together. Wearing the full set transforms the knight player into a 16x16 Oryx sprite and changes the weapon’s shots.

In addition to the stat bonuses this set provides, its sword ignores the defense of enemies, and the shield offers a DEF↑ DEF boost (+15 DEF) for 2.5 seconds.

A knight with WC tops and a Ring of the Pyramid would have 890 HP, 272 MP, 54 ATT, 80 DEF, 50 SPD, 50 DEX, 75 VIT, 50 WIS, making for a DPS of 2281-1931 (0-60 DEF).This set instead has a DPS of 2571 regardless of enemy defense, a splendid increase especially against heavily armoured enemies, such as Oryx or Parasite Colonies. While it sacrifices 11 DEF, this set has not only 75 extra HP, but also a 2.5 seconds DEF↑ DEF boost (+15 DEF) on ability use, actually giving 4 more DEF than the WC tops. The only notable drawback of this set is its short Gold Five Pointed Star Stunned duration: only 1.5 seconds. Unlike with regular knights, it is therefore impossible to perma-stun an enemy, which is not only more dangerous, but may lead to incendiary comments from players who feel entitled to being protected from all shots by the knight. If the short duration of the stun and other players’ feelings don’t bother you too much, this is an outstanding set boosting the somewhat lackluster DPS of the knight.

It is worth mentioning that using the 3 pieces of the set, excluding the shield, gives a healthy +12 DEX and +12 ATT, while maintaining the +15 DEF bonus to compensate for the low defense of Mercy’s Bane.
This gives a huge DPS boost, even if one chooses not to use the shield, meaning that any sword class can wear the sword, armor, and ring, gaining a huge increase in damage.

The Oryx’s Battle Attires Set is the fourteenth ST set to be released. It is a remake of the now-retired Oryx Awesome Set.