Vampire Rogue Set

Vampire Rogue
Class Rogue
Themed on Lord Ruthven
Drops From Coffin (Soulcursed Scythe)
Lord Ruthven (Vampiric Cape)
Armor Guard (Hallowed Hide)
Hellhound (Ruthven's Rosary)
Standard Quest Chest (Soulcursed Scythe / Vampiric Cape / Hallowed Hide / Ruthven's Rosary)
Obtained Through Mystery Rogue ST Crate
“A STory of War IV” Campaign
2nd Piece Bonus +5 DEX, +5 VIT
3rd Piece Bonus +30 HP, +20 MP, +5 DEX, +10 VIT
4th Piece Bonus +30 HP, +30 MP, +5 DEF, +15 DEX, +20 VIT
Subtotal of Bonuses +60 HP, +50 MP, +5 DEF, +25 DEX, +35 VIT
Overall Stat Bonus +140 HP, +50 MP, +5 ATT, +20 DEF, +5 SPD, +25 DEX, +40 VIT, +5 WIS
Final Stats at 8/8 860 HP, 302 MP, 55 ATT, 45 DEF, 80 SPD, 100 DEX, 80 VIT, 55 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Exalt Version (Sep 2020)

The Vampire Rogue Set is the 28th ST set to be released.

All pieces in this set drop from enemies that can be found in the Manor of the Immortals

In addition to the stat bonuses of the set, the scythe has the advantage of being able to pierce enemies with its secondary shots, the ability further boosts DEX by 10 while invisible, and the armour provides 5 seconds of Healing when hit below 50% HP.

A rogue with WC tops and a Ring of the Pyramid would have 840 HP, 272 MP, 54 ATT, 46 DEF, 80 SPD, 85 DEX, 40 VIT, 50 WIS, making for a DPS of 2206-1674 (0-60 DEF). This set, while its DEX boost is active, boasts a DPS of 2488-1328, assuming all shots land, offering similar DPS for enemies with regular DEF. Keeping in mind that landing all shots is somewhat hard, but landing none is rather unlikely as well, combined with the ability for the chains to pierce enemies, this set will probably decrease DPS while allowing for better crowd control.

Its massive (40!) VIT increase combined with the Healing effect offers tremendous sustainability especially reducing IC timer by 1.6 seconds, while other stats get a slight boost, making this set great when survivability is a concern and aiming is difficult, or crowd control is needed. All in all, if you feel comfortable using the unusual weapon, this set is a clear upgrade on WC tops.