Golden Archer Set

The Golder Archer
Special Themed Set for: Archer
Subtotal of Bonuses: +1 HP
Overall Stat Bonus: Wearing the entire Golden Archer Set will grant in total:
+1 HP, +1 DEF, +1 DEX
Items Drop from:
Brilliance Bow: Null
Quintessential Quiver: The Glitch
Luxurious Leather: Australia, AsiaSouthEast
Regal Ring: Australia, AsiaEast

The Golden Archer Set is the fifteenth special themed set to be released.

This Archer set is soulbound, and drops from Null, The Glitch, Australia, AsiaEast, and AsiaSouthEast.


The Golden Archer set is a humorous nod towards the most infamous RotMG package ever released during the Kabam era: the Golden Archer Pack.