Oryx's Castle Guide

Oryx’s Castle (Suggested Level: well you didn’t get a choice now did ya?)

I am mainly just going to help you know how to get through this in one piece as that is all you really need to know, I will also make a rushing guides for the idiots who think there good enough, and for those who are good enough.

Getting through alive, the smart way

The smart way is the way that the game is supposed to go, team work, if you’re anti-social, sucks bro. Here are some general rules that will help out everyone, Healers need MP, don’t take their mp pots away, Melee classes should be the one to take out Quite Eyes, and Wizards and assassins can help take out Wasp Queens quick with full mp. Try and stay in a group, lure things to fully aware people and help save everyone. If you see someone get there armor broke try and take some shots for them, if you see a priest get quieted, give them a mp pot or 2. Seriously be nice, work together and you will get through this I promise.

RUSHING (For: 2/8 Speed and Defense)

Now I legally obligated, (and by that I mean people on this game will not shut up when they die, and will yell at me for it if they die after reading this), to tell you this is a very bad idea, as so very much to go wrong. If you are planning to rush you must first see if others are planning to rush, as solo rushing is even more dangerous. Also what kind of rushers are they, there are the kind who rush to make sure only they can get the loot I.e they don’t shoot Wasp Queens or Quite Eyes, or are they the nice kind that will try and back you up if something goes wrong. I quite honestly hate the former but appreciate the helpers. Either type of group you are following have the same pattern as of moving through the mobs, they shoot the walls on the sides, which side you will have to figure out on the way. If you see someone running on the left side, you need to run on the right side and circle back to them if you can, you should also deal damage to Slowing Knights, Wasp Queens and Quite Eyes as you go by. As everybody looks so fly, in a drive by. If you are the person in the lead you can circle the enemies while aiming for the wall, or if you are really good you can throw off the enemies completely, allowing you to shoot the wall undisturbed. If you are in the courtyard I suggest you can all the brutes and there mobs in one BIG group then ditch that group in the water, AWAY FROM THE DOOR, so that your not a jerk. Then you can move on, as soon as you break the next wall, in the middle preferably, you can rush past the Wasp Queen but you will need to kill all the non Wasp minions, then break a side wall and the two quite eyes for the next rushers to join you. (Please note that soloing the ancient stone guardians is ideal for defense pots, the game does seem to have a karma system, so you probably won’t find a @$$ if you use my guide to troll.)

Stone Guardians

Red (Left) Stone GuardianPurple (Right) Stone Guardian

Fighting to kill

If you are fighting to help out and have fun doing it, kill any Haunted Armors that pop up as they will get more hits in then the Stone Guardians will. Try and help people survive here to, as many people try Realm of the Mad God every day for the first time in there lives, lets make it a good experience. When fighting try and make sure to fight the stone guardian that is getting shot at the most, this will make the battle go so much quicker. If you can tell which is being hunted down more, and you are at a high rank (Red or above) use your influence and call out the one you want dead first. Just simply say “Red” or “Blue”, I guarantee you will see a difference. Once one of the Stone Guardians are dead, the other one will freeze up and fully heal himself only once, when he does this MOVE AWAY FROM THE CENTER OF THE ROOM, as this stone guardian is about to throw his sword, which is capable of insta-killing anyone if they are standing on it. When he is healing you can move above him and shoot at him to get an extra 500 damage on him while he is moving into position to throw the sword. Once he has thrown the sword he will be invincible, but this is not a waiting game, you must shot down the sword to continue attacking the remaining guardian. Once the sword is dealt with he will go back to fighting like he usually does, until he decides he wants to throw his sword again. Make sure not to stay in the middle to much. Also if you get hit by the sword you will be paralyzes long enough to be hit by it again, so do not shoot the sword if your a sword user, ironic I know. As soon as you kill both of the guardians, enter the portal as fast as possible, unless you got a bag, if you got a white bag, count yourself lucky, take your loot and nexus.

Fighting to loot

If you are fighting to loot a defense potion you can increased your chances if you count out you doing 5k damage on both of the guardians, starting with the one less people are shooting at.

Side note

As a trickster or a rogue using the planewalker, it is possible to switch to another starting room(of the 4) by teleporting on a small water spot, (only noticeable while using uncentered view).


There is a new boss named Janus and to spawn janus you must destroy every armor statue.
Janus drops oryx’s court just say skip and then he will open shaitans or the Puppet Masters Encore. Janus is a alternative boss fight that I would not recommend unless you want shaitans- it’s pretty easy but extremely timely and impossible to solo. His/her keys heal loads and requires tons of firepower to destroy.


Most of the time, a lot of players rush through Oryx’s Castle, leaving all of the monsters alone. Nowadays, most players DO NOT work together to clear the monsters. Leaving other players, good and bad in the dust. Most players nexus once the Stone Guardians are defeated because they are already behind, giving them no chance to find or get any of their wanted loot. For those who are left, it is recommended for them to defeat Janus to at least, get some decent loot and VIT pots from him. To do so, they must destroy every suits of armors littered against the walls of the dungeon, eliminating any other monsters in their way.

Brutes of Oryx

These guys are almost everywhere and are the main killers of the dungeon. He summons annoying Warriors of Oryx to annoy you. He is notorious for rushing on to players, instantly killing most. His shots also inflict armor break, making him a dangerous monster. Before rushing at players, he will stand still for a few seconds and then suddenly run at them, killing players who are caught off guard. When a player sees one, he must careful and wary of it. Archers can easily keep it at bay by paralyzing it and shooting it down with their bows. Rogues can cloak and knock it out easily without it knowing.

Warriors of Oryx

The minions spawned by the Brutes of Oryx. Like their master, they also rush at players, firing 360 shots that will critically damage players who fail to get out of their path of destruction. They can also drop MP potions to help fuel classes such as the Rogue to allow it to keep using his cloak, or any other class that has a useful ability.

Insect Commanders of Oryx

The bane of most rushers. It will constantly spawn more insect minions, Providing it an almost invincible shield for protection. Any class that can pierce will provide themselves useful. Classes that can also distract or quickly put them out of submission will also provide themselves useful.

Insect Minion

These guys also rush onto you, shooting shots in a star shape. It is advised to dodge their shots. Luckily, they have low health, making it extremely easy for classes to destroy them.

Knights of Oryx

These guys shoot shots that slow. They are also slow themselves. They will stand still, and then suddenly rush onto you for a quick and easy kill. Shoot them from a distance and then quickly back off once it begins to rush.

Pets of Oryx

The weakest monster in the dungeon. They deal physical damage and are somewhat fast. Any class with decent gear can one-shot it due to its low health.

Haunted Suit of Armor

Like all of the monsters in the dungeon, it will also stand still and rush at you. It is usually stationary, shooting shots. Sometimes, it will enter a phase where it is invulnerable and heal back to full health, and then continue to fight. Players should note the difference between them from the “fake” suits of armor and the real ones.