Pirate Cave Guide

Pirate Cave | Suggested Level: 1-10

Pirate CavePirate CavePirate CavePirate CavePirate Cave

How & Why to find a Pirate Cave


Green Gelatinous Cube Red Gelatinous Cube Purple Gelatinous Cube

Look in the lowlands by the beach and you’re not likely to be disappointed. The portal drops from gelatinous cubes, goblin warriors, giant crabs, sand devils and forest nymphs.


The weak minions provide enough exp to level a starting player quickly, though stronger characters may wish to search elsewhere. Most of the times, it’s more worthwhile to go to the midlands to fight ents or do harder dungeons. Look for T2-T4 armor/weapons and T1 rings among the loot to help fight your enemies in the realm. Pirate rum, though quite rare, is also a nice reward.


Navigating through the dungeon

Pirate caves contain several small rooms full of pirates, which are easy to kill. Clearing these rooms will give low-level characters a chance to find gear and gain exp before moving to the boss area, though you shouldn’t need to run more than one pirate cave if trying to level. Dreadstump can be found in the largest room, spawned with a handful of minions.


Boss: Dreadstump the Pirate King

If your attack power or defense is low, it may be necessary to shoot his minions first to keep them out of the way. They are easy to kill and do not respawn, so your attention can then be focused on Dreadstump. Dodge his attacks and he should be finished quickly with a few well-placed blows. As the easiest dungeon boss in the realm, there’s not much to worry about except maybe for standing on him. Just don’t be an idiot, and you’ll kill him.