Sprite World Guide

Sprite World | Suggested Level: 20

Sprite WorldSprite WorldSprite WorldSprite WorldSprite World

How & Why to find a Sprite World


Sprite worlds are dropped from Sprite Children of which are constantly produced by Sprite Gods found in the godlands. They thankfully drop Sprite Worlds very frequently, and with their constant spawning minding you keep their Sprite God alive, the search for a Sprite World should not take very long.
However, one should take care when entering a portal dropped by Sprite Children if the Sprite God and surrounding enemies have not yet been killed.


Potion of Dexterity Potion of Attack Potion of DefenseCloak of the PlanewalkerStaff of Extreme PrejudiceSprite WandWine Cellar Incantation

Sprite Worlds are THE place to find dexterity - their nickname ‘dex world’ exists for this reason, and being so common to find, the dungeon can be a relatively easy means of acquiring wealth. If you’re lucky, the Native Sprite Gods inhabiting the dungeon may also drop attack, though at a noticeably increased rate compared to regular Sprite Gods.
Of course, the Sprite World offers two great UTs - the Cloak of the Planewalker and Staff of Extreme Prejudice, both items of which are incredibly unique, fun and useful, though the latter more situational. Their feed powers are also very nice - 750 and 600 respectively. The boss, along with these items, also has a chance to drop defense, which can be a nice bonus.
Sprite Wands may also drop from the boss and Native Nature Sprites, though whilst their maximum damage per shot is equal to that of the tier 11 Skysplitter Sword, their damage output is super inconsistent (lowest from a shot being a measly 5). With only 200 feed power, the item isn’t amazing.


Class Tips

There are many great classes to use for sprite worlds depending on your equips, your party members and your pets abilities. If you are soloing with a low leveled pet or an unmaxed character, then ranged characters (wand, staff, and bow) are a good bet. However, when competing for damage with a large group, shorter ranged characters with higher DPS are preferrable.

Wand users

Some believe wand classes to be the best for this dungeon. This is due to their high range (9, but with St. Abraham’s Wand, 10), which allows them to hit Limon from afar - especially useful in the ‘turret’ phase, as they can sit outside the killbox and simply hit Limon with no reprisal.
With the Priest’s ability, Limon’s shots are easily absorbed and made redundant, however the Sorceror boasts a greater DPS, and with his scepter allows for damage output whilst Limon is moving around and would otherwise be difficult to hit.


For Knights, getting to Limon is no trouble due to their immense defense, and assuming you can pull around about 35 defense, you can destroy Limon’s shots, AND stunning at close range can deal over 1000 damage AND give you 3 seconds where you don’t have to strafe. Although he lacks the boosts of the other sword wielders, his DPS is high, allowing him to take out Limon quickly and with maxed attack and speed and about 30 dexterity, you can pull Sprite Worlds in about 3 minutes.
The Warrior and Paladin approach this dungeon similarly to the Knight, however have higher DPS due to their buffs. This makes the process easier, provided you do not require the stuns of the Knight’s shield to survive.
Ninjas, using their katanas, can easily cut through wads of sprites and sprite trees, and with their shuriken secure damage on the Native Sprite Gods and Limon. However, they are hindered by their low defense, which, if you do not have much success in finding def pots, can leave you having to regenerate health (and if you aren’t soloing it, consequently having other other players stealing your rightfully owned dexterity pot). It is recommended to attack Limon during the turret phase and during the spawning phase in which he is armored and not invincible.

Staff users

The same as Wand Classes, however with higher DPS.
Wizards should use their spell to bomb Limon whilst he is still. All shots, provided to aim correctly, will hit for easy soulbound damage.
Necromancers may also use their skulls in a similar fashion, and their healing aspect is catered for during Limon’s spawning phase, where landing a large heal is super easy.
Mystics rushing Sprite Worlds should use their orb to statis the Native Sprite Gods.

Trickster and Rogue

The Trickster and Rogue (the latter only with the Cloak of the Planewalker) can rush a Sprite World EXTREMELY quickly by teleporting from platform to platform. This is possible as there are no walls blocking line of sight, and a very useful technique.


Navigating through the dungeon

Example layout;

When entering a sprite world, you will get a quest marker showing where Limon is. It’s not always easy to find her though; whichever way looks like the quickest is sometimes a dead end. And no, you can not fall off the edge of a sprite world, and neither can your loot.
Sprite Worlds are also filled with many moving tiles. The quicker you learn which color means which direction the better off you will be. If you ever need help remember the following acronym: GUBDRRPL - Green UP, Blue DOWN, Red RIGHT, Pink LEFT. You can use the moving tiles to your advantage, so that you get the first hit on each one, just walk on colors that go the direction you are going and you will progress much faster through the dungeon. However, knowing how to work with these tiles isn’t necessary. Also, remember that there are always 5 rooms between the starting room and Limon’s room, not counting either.

Whilst navigating through the Sprite World, you should be very careful of purple projectiles, as they are coming from Native Sprite Gods and deal significantly more damage than other shots (same damage as regular Sprite Gods).
Fighting Native Sprite Gods can be very deadly at such close quarters and with the moving tiles, so it is highly suggested that you use the colored tiles to zip past them before they even have time to notice you exist. Or, for a chance at those sweet attack potions, you could have a go - it is potentially highly worthwhile.


Boss: Limon the Sprite Goddess

When you enter the boss room and see Limon, she will vibrate a little, and about 2 seconds afterwards she will become vulnerable and start moving around very fast and shoot at you in all directions, dealing 70 (but more around 50 with good defense) per hit. More often then not, you can use the floor tiles to help try and dodge her, as long as you remember which color will speed you up. After a short while Limon will stop in one place and shoot out her turret box. At the start of this phase you can circle around her to hit her and take less hits then standing in one area, but once the turrets start to shoot in an X you will have to stay in a place out of their path, and shoot at Limon, and take some of her shots until the X phase goes away. Once the X phase goes away, keep circling her, as she is simply armored, not invincible, and it is easy for melee classes to hit her. It is a really easy way to dodge her and deal damage. Once her turret boxes fade away, she will still be standing still and she will be spawning light and dark blue sprites to slow you down, while she shoots at you. Just keep circling her until she begins to chase you again. If she isn’t dead yet, you will probably kill her during the next X phase.

*Note to classes with DPS boosting abilities (warriors, paladins, etc…), it is best to use your ability during the armored phase, especially for melee classes. This is because melee classes already wield heavy damaging weapons, and doubling the defense of Limon won’t have that much of an effect if you are wielding a t8+ sword. Because the damage per shot won’t be affected that much (as in percent change in damage won’t change much), your ability could be used and you can attack as if you are attacking her while she is perfectly vulnerable! Therefore, you are sacrificing a bit of damage just because Limon is vulnerable, but your ability boost gives you more than enough DPS back, and plus, the ability is in effect for the full duration.

A word of caution: Use of an Electric pet or other abilities to paralyze Limon will cause her to fire a radial blast of shots similar to the Staff of Extreme Prejudice, which also triggers if you move away from her in her initial phase before summoning her turret box. In the first phase, the high possibility of Limon being near or on top of your character makes Paralyze strategies extremely risky, as her radial burst of shots has a high chance of instantly killing low-defense characters in close quarters. Save paralyzing abilities to deal damage during the turrets phase, and avoid getting within a dangerous range of her if using an Electric pet.

Wand & staff users

You can do this an easier way. As soon as Limon starts her turret box phase, move directly between the two boxes. If you are exactly midway, you can shoot Limon by aiming at your quest marker, but she won’t shoot back. If you don’t feel like you are hitting her, listen out for damage sounds, or go off-centered.

Good luck sprite farming!