Deadwater Docks Guide

Deadwater Docks (Suggested Level: 20)

Deadwater Docks PortalDeadwater Docks PortalDeadwater Docks PortalDeadwater Docks PortalDeadwater Docks Portal

Class tips

  • You must have multiple players in order to complete the dungeon. There are multiple reasons for this:

    1. You have to deal 50,000 damage within 5 seconds to the wall at the start room. This requires more than one character (unless you use a maxed attack and dexterity warrior with Demon Blade, the berserk buff and a few dexterity tinctures)

    2. Jon Bilgewater, the boss, is healed periodically. You need to deal enough damage in order to not only counter the heals, but exceed them.

  • Melees are preferred for rushing/clearing the dungeon due to their high defense and high damage output to kill the pirates. Rogues are also very good for rushing as they don’t drag as many pirates as melees do.
  • Bow classes are useful (but not necessary) for clearing the parrots during your fight with Jon Bilgewater.
  • Paralyze is very useful skill to have in the initial phase-fight (1/2) with Bilgewater to keep him immobilized and from chasing in the limited arena-like boss area.
  • A good familiarization of Confused Controls or a Priest with Tome of Purification can certainly be very helpful.
  • The Seal of the Enchanted Forest is EXTREMELY useful for paladin due to the fact that you can slow the huge mob of pirates chasing you while rushing

Why & How to find the Deadwater Docks


Pirate King's CutlassTier 12 WeaponTier 13 ArmorWine Cellar IncantationPotion of LifePotion of SpeedPotion of Dexterity

Although this dungeon is relatively difficult, it drops Speed and Dexterity Potions at a high rate and Life Potions at a lower rate, along with a chance to get some of the top-tiered weapons and armor. It also drops the Pirate King’s Cutlass, an interesting sword with various uses.


The dungeon is a guaranteed drop from the Crystal Prisoner, but can also be purchased in the nexus for 390 gold (price varies.). You are also able to obtain the key through various contests as announced by Kabam.

Navigating The Dungeon

Be cautious when navigating through the dungeon. The pirates are much faster than their regular counterparts and can deal significant damage along with the fact that they come in huge hordes. Although they do not have a lot of health, standing still and tanking in their shots if you are not a melee class will quickly kill you.

The Pirates

Although they do not do devastating damage if you have high def, they are still capable of instakilling when in groups. They travel in fast distances and seem to “rush” players. You just have to round up all the pirates in one room and circle them to kill them off easily. However, gathering entire armies of pirates from multiple rooms can become a problem, as you may have to take some damage doing this and gathering armies will cause devastating amounts of HP drain. Do not do this if you are slower than the pirates or have low def.

The Boss

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King

  • Fighting Jon Bilgewater can certainly be intimidating for unfamiliar players of the dungeon. In order to satisfy the DPS requirements/override the healing, it is recommend that you face the boss with a small-medium group of good and experienced players (Archer, Warrior/Pally, etc). After a few attempts, you will see Jon Bilgewater is actually very predictable and with a few small tips, he can be easily taken down.
  • There are two ‘soft-phases’ for Bilgewater. The initial phase starts when you approach Bilgewater. He will prompt you, then do a repetitive cycle of: Shooting out few single yellow Confuse bullets, aggro and chase the closest player, then halt, and fire a wide angle row of cannonballs for a few seconds. Distance is important, ranged classes will have a much easier time, especially those with Pierce. This phase can be the most intimidating as it is very possible to be sat-on by Bilgewater from parrot Slows and/or being confused can lead to a run in with Evil Water. So if the boss is very near you or you get cornered, do not hesitate to Nexus before it’s too late.
  • Once the first soft-phase is completed Bilgewater will re-center himself in middle of the arena, he will remain stationary until his death. This part is much easier and extremely predictable with a clear pattern. You may observe from a far-away place to get your bearings straightened and see the cues.
  • Bilgewater at this point will cycle through one Offensive stage that fires patterned, evenly dispersed, omnidirectional cannonballs for a short period of time which are easy to dodge, and one Defensive stage when Parrots cluster circle around him as an Bilgewater heals for decent amounts of HP. Note: Parrots at this point should not give any trouble given you have maxed Def and a normal level Pet with Heal (45-50).
  • If you re-center/reset your camera angle to default 0 Degrees and go back to where you initially spawned in (starting point), there will be a bird cage directly in-front of you. If you stand on the bird-cage and take about almost one tile step to your right, you will be in a spot where cannonballs will not be able to hit you. Next take about one-half a tile step up and note your general area. Do not move side-to-side.
  • From this point, move up to attack Bilgewater, then move back when the Cannonballs come out. This will repeat until the last final part.
  • When you damage Bilgewater enough he will go into his final phase in which the arena around suddenly disintegrates causing many holes to appear with Evil Water. When this happens, make sure you aren’t accidentally taking damage during the whole visual chaos of Parrots, Cannonballs, and projectiles. If you did it right, you should be in a location where neither Cannonballs or Evil Water can touch you (in fact, you should be exactly in front of a small pot-hole of water, still right of the bird-cage). Keep repeating the same procedure until Jon Bilgewater dies. Collect your loot and that’s it!

Side Note(s)

Be careful of stunning Jon in his final phases, as he has a high chance of releasing a massive wall of cannonballs that are extremely dangerous.
This dungeon is the only source of parrot farming, a process usually done with a small group.
Here is one video demonstrating it. Be sure to bring loot potions if you want to parrot farm!
Parrot farming has been removed as of patch 27.7.X12.1