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Last updated: 27.7.X12

The Tutorial was designed so that new players would be able to learn the basics of the game when they first log in. If, at any time, you want to do the tutorial again, you can type /tutorial after hitting Enter to bring up the chat bar. Unlike other dungeons, the tutorial cannot be entered with multiple players.

If you want to get a quicker source of hp/mp pots and want to skip that old first section of the tutorial, type in /nexustutorial in your chat box, and you’ll be sent to the original nexus layout. There would be a brown portal where you can go in and at the end of the dungeon, there would be many little butcher guys and Bonegrind. It’s a great source of hp/mp pots without that much pain. Don’t skip the /tutorial section if you’re new, or else you’re going to be sitting there at the nexus layout and not know what to do.



27.7.X12 Tutorial

Old Layout

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Screenshot of the Tutorial:

Condition Effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Green Blob



Evil Chicken God

Oryx's food will eat well tonight!

The Evil Chicken God is the “boss” of the Tutorial.

The tutorial has messages teaching new players how to move, shoot, and grab loot. There are destructible walls that block your path, turrets that shoot projectiles you must avoid, and, as you near the end, an Evil Chicken God accompanied his minions who you must defeat. There is a loot bag that contains a Ring of Minor Defense. As you approach the end, there will be a portal for the Nexus explanation and 2 more chickens surrounding the portal, each of which will always drop a Health Potion.

Oryx’s Kitchen:


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What’s this? You’ve been captured by Oryx! You must escape through the kitchens by defeating guards, chefs, and the boss Bonegrind the Butcher.




Bonegrind the Butcher

Blood. The best way to start a game.

Bonegrind the Butcher is the boss of the Oryx’s Kitchen. He has a guaranteed chance to drop one Health Potion and Magic Potion.

Drops of Interest

Drops From:
Ring of Minor Defence
Brown Loot Bag on floor of Tutorial
Evil Hen
Bonegrind the Butcher
Bonegrind the Butcher