Cnidarian Reef (Rev. 31)

Last updated: X.27.0.0
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The Cnidarian Reef is a dungeon designed by Atrapper. It was on Public Testing before being officially released in Patch X.27.0.0.

This dungeon drops from the Court of Oryx, and is the 4th Court dungeon to be introduced (3rd if you exclude the event-exclusive Ice Tomb). As with the other Court dungeons, consists solely of a boss fight. The Reef is a source of various stat pots (mostly Attack and Defense) and two unique Untiered abilities.

Uniquely, the dungeon has an underwater theme much like the Ocean Trench. Like the Trench before it, players have to watch their oxygen levels unless they want to die of suffocation. However, suffocating is an even larger risk in this dungeon since it drains air much faster than the Ocean Trench, in addition to positioning the air vents in much more perilous locations.


Cnidarian Reef Key The Cnidarian Reef Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.





The Boss starts in the middle. Players will spawn in on the air bubbles surrounding it.

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Royal Cnidarian Royal Cnidarian

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Drops of Interest

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Tips and Strategies

  • Go for Air Bubbles post fire. This will grant you around 1 second to grab some fresh air without being dazed/paralyzed. It is recommended to go in groups due to the mass amount of minions. They have high health and are tedious to kill.
  • Air is drained faster in this dungeon than in the Ocean Trench. Keep an eye on your air meter.
  • When the boss becomes invincible, you’ll need to attack Gold Cnidarians that appear randomly. Focus these as soon as possible, since killing them quickly greatly shortens the length of the boss’ phases.
  • Do not get close to any of the oval-shaped shots. The boss shoots them in large numbers and they deal huge amounts of armor=piercing damage. If you really need air, touch the daze bubbles: They do less damage.
  • The Gold Cnidarian is the only enemy here (save the boss) that is immune to stasis, making the mystic really helpful for isolating it and making it easier to kill.
  • Many of the shots in this dungeon do not pierce through players. Going in a medium-large group can mitigate the damage you take, as long as everyone moves a small amount to abuse the game’s client-side hitreg.
  • During the last phase, shooting down the minions is highly recommended since they can drop lots of stat pots, in addition to making it easier to get a clear shot at the now-moving boss.
  • More good advice can be found here.

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