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Sorcerer Class Guide


Introduced in Build 115, the Sorcerer uses a wand and wears a robe. He deals more damage than Priests and functions as a long-range sniper that can deal group damage. His ability is the scepter, which fires a bolt of lightning that leaps from enemy to enemy to deal damage. To unlock the Sorcerer, reach level 20 with the Necromancer and Assassin. See his stat gains, caps, and averages here.


Equipment and Stats

Sorcerers use wands, medium-damage long-ranged weapons which compensate for the relatively limited protection given by the robes they wear. Wands make the Sorcerer seem unreliable offensively, but due to his extra bump in ATT and DEX, he is able to dispatch enemies faster than the Priest.

Wand of RecompenseWand of EvocationWand of Retribution
The Wand of Recompense, Wand of Evocation, and the Wand of Retribution are the most powerful tiered wands, with a range of 9 tiles. These wands are standard weapons for the Sorcerer, with enough damage to deal to enemies at a long distance.

The only advantage these wands give compared to UT wands is a slightly higher range (only surpassed by the St. Abraham’s Wand), and the ability to pierce enemies as of update 25.0.0. However, since the damage in the wands are crunched into one single high-damaging shot, the Sorcerer is able to take on enemies with high DEF, and is more reliable than the Staff in that respect.

Conducting Wand
The Conducting Wand is a drop from the Mad Lab’s second boss. With a more varied damage range, +4 DEX, +4 WIS, and a 125% fire rate, it shines against single targets with low defense (<48 DEF) or are armor broken.

Unlike it’s tiered counterpart, it cannot pierce and has a range of 8 tiles, forcing the Sorcerer to fight at staff range. Nonetheless, it remains a powerful option for dungeon and event bosses alike.

Wand of the Fallen
The Wand of the Fallen is obtained from Daichi the Fallen. Though only a range of only 6.6 tiles and an 85% rate of fire, this wand makes up for it with sheer damage. Being able to out-DPS most other wands until around 75 DEF, this weapon is best used when a Sorcerer is more confident in their ability to dodge in close range.

Crystal Wand
The Crystal Wand is a rare drop from the Crystal Prisoner. This wand sacrifices some damage and the ability to pierce enemies for a slightly faster rate of fire and the ability to ignore a target’s defense. While the rate of fire increase does not even out the reduction in damage, the ability to flatline your damage per second regardless of defense is very useful against enemies such as the Stone Guardians, the Avatar of the Forgotten King, and especially against enemies found in the Nightmare Colony.

St. Abraham's Wand
The St. Abraham Wand is dropped from the Manor of the Immortals. While its damage is comparable to the T9 Wand of Deep Sorcery, the range is its savior. As Update 25.0.0, this remains the only wand with a range of 10 tiles. This allows the Sorcerer to do damage at a safer distance during phases that would not be possible with a tiered wand (i.e Oryx 1/2 dance phase).

This wand also provides +4 VIT and WIS. The VIT allows the Sorcerer scale their In Combat Timer and the slight increase in WIS boosts the Sorcerer’s scepter damage even more. Overall, this wand is best kept as a swapout for specific fights and phases.

Abomination's Wrath
The Abomination’s Wrath is part of the Horrific Sorcerer Set and drops from the Nightmare Colony. With a whopping damage range of 300-335, this wand has the highest damage per shot in it’s class, bar the Wand of the Bulwark while retaining a range of 9 tiles. To counterbalance this, the wand has a nearly halved fire rate, slower projectile speed, and has lost the ability to pierce enemies.

Despite these drawbacks, the Abomination’s Wrath remains a solid option when fighting enemies with high defense or enemies that go down in 1-2 shots.

Magic Wand
The Magic Wand is part of the Court Magician Sorcerer Set and drops from the Puppet Minions from the Puppet Master’s Encore. With 150% rate of fire and the ability to pierce shots, it’s most comparable to the Thousand Shot bow. Along with it’s unique property of both ignoring obstacles and shots that boomerang back, it’s the perfect wand for clearing the Realm, particularly the Mountains/Godlands.

It can also be a viable main wand, but with the lessened range of 7.2 and particularly large damage range it may be better to switch to a more consistent wand in that regard.

Wand of the Bulwark
The Wand of the Bulwark works completely differently from any other weapon in the game and is rather peculiar. The wand fires a high damage projectile at a slow rate, and the projectiles move slowly in an hourglass pattern, lasting a long time before disappearing. The nature of this wand makes it very difficult if not impossible to aim; you have to create a minefield and attract your prey into it. Each projectile deals 500-600 damage with a good ATT stat, and they can also move through obstacles as well as enemies. If used right, the Bulwark can be used to decimate enemies. The Bulwark requires a lot of experience and practice to use effectively. Maxing out DEX is essential if you want to quickly set up with this wand, because it has a 33% rate of fire modifier. This wand shouldn’t be used as a main weapon, but it has its uses and can be very enjoyable. Keep in mind, though, as with all piercing weapons, a single projectile will not hit the same enemy twice.

Wand of Geb
The Wand of Geb is an ST wand that drops from Geb. It has the same DPS as the Wand of Shadow while having a reduced range of 7 tiles. Unlike other wands, it has a proc effect that shoots a ring of boomerangs around the user that deal damage and slows enemies, making it a more situational wand. In addition to slowing enemies, it can be used to deal a great burst of damage with the ring of shots if sitting on top of the target is possible.

Soul's Guidance
The Soul’s Guidance is an untiered wand that drops from both the Grave Caretaker and Ghost of Skuld. It has the same DPS as the Wand of Deep Sorcery but with a wavy shot pattern, making it hard to hit enemies depending on the user’s accuracy. However, it has an interesting proc upon firing, creating a blue soul that follows the user dealing damage over its duration and restoring the users HP, potentially dealing up to 1000 damage per soul spawned, and at the end of their duration, the souls charge towards enemies and explode with a curse effect, although with a really small radius. Since the wand has no fire rate penalty, one can amass a solid amount of souls to keep healing it’s user and damaging/cursing enemies.


The light robes worn by the Sorcerer compliment his high ATT and Scepter by increasing his offensive power even further, amplifying the effectiveness of his ability, and boosting his MP to cast his scepter more often.

The Robe of the Grand Sorcerer / Robe of the Star Mother / Robe of the Ancient Intellect are the primary armors of the Sorcerer. Both provide ample Defense and greatly amplify the sorcerers damage output with increased MP, Higher WIS, and boosted ATT. While these robes may not be as powerful in specific areas as some untiered robes their versatility cannot be ignored, one can never go wrong with these.

The Water Dragon Silk Robe is a UT robe obtained from Nikao the Azure Dragon. This robe sacrifces all its MP, 1 DEF and 3 WIS for 2 extra ATT and 6 SPD. While Sorcerers who are dependent on their Scepter for DPS may be put off by this robe, the increase in weapon damage and maneuverability is nothing to scoff at either. Overall this robe is a solid choice for a Sorcerer who values weapon DPS over ability DPS.

The Ritual Robe is obtained from Malus in the Lost Halls. This robe should be the goal of any Sorcerer building around their maxing their WIS. While losing 20 MP and 4 DEF from a Robe of the Star Mother, it more than makes up for with 5 ATT and an extraordinary +20 bonus to WIS. This, combined with the WisMod scaling that the Sorcerer has makes for an incredible spike in ability damage. The Ritual Robe can add an extra 160 damage per cast on a T6 Scepter of Storms alone, and makes for a great robe when focusing on ability damage.

The Shendyt of Geb is a ST robe obtained from Treasure Sarcophagi from the Tomb of the Ancients. This robe opts for more survivability, reducing MP and removing ATT in favor of extra DEF, WIS, +25 HP and +7 VIT. While the VIT bonus seen to be negligible with the Sorcerer’s max at 75, it can decrease his In Combat Delay by 0.28 seconds. Overall this robe should be used when you want a more defensive robe but would rather keep the WIS bonus that a Soulless Robe won’t provide.

The Garment of the Beast is part of the Horrific Sorcerer Set and drops from the Nightmare Colony. This robe is similar to a Toga Picta, where it gives +8 ATT in exchange for a DEX reduction. And while the Toga Picta only removes 3 DEX, the Garments reduce your DEX by 5 in exchange for +50MP and +4 WIS. While this is a perfectly suitable main robe, some may only use it to complete the set as the DEX reduction is fairly noticeable, especially with a max of only 60 DEX on a Sorcerer.

The Tlatoani’s Shroud is an UT robe obtained either from Bird Tribeman, Demon Tribeman, or Insect Tribeman from Secluded Thicket. Unlike the others robes, it does not provide any Defence but a massive boost of +10 Wis and +180 MP. The stat given from it not only amplify the scepters’ potency further, but also able to chain-spam it if desired to. Not to mention that it synergizes well with Geb’s Ring of Wisdom or Ring of Unbound Magic if one is not satisfied enough. Regardless, a Sorcerer can use it if Defence became irrevelant or if you can comfortably dodge everything.


The Sorcerer is a long ranged class. Its special ability is the scepter, which fires a chain lightning effect. Upon activating his ability, the closest enemy in a “cone” area of the direction of your cursor will start the chain. This activation area extends to the edge of the screen. You will see a particle effect of this cone if there are no enemies within it. For the chain to extend to more targets, a monster that has not been hit yet must be within 9 range of the last target.

This property allows the Sorcerer to thin out crowds in a manner similar to the Assassin, while also dealing extra damage to enemies or bosses that may be normally out of reach.

Overall, the scepter is a great ability for landing soulbound damage to events and dungeon bosses, and is amazing in terms of farming enemies in the Realm.

The Scepter of Storms and Scepter of the Firmament are the most powerful scepters. The Scepter of Storms is capable of dealing 1100 damage spread over 5 targets (1680 damage to 6 targets upon maxed wisdom). They are also the most cost-efficient tiered scepters, which makes them relatively easy to cast multiple times, and they deal relatively high damage. With no side effects, this scepter can be easily spammed, but be sure to cast only when your target is vulnerable. The tiered scepters also gain a SPD bonus on equip along with the HP and MP bonuses from Storms and Firmament, which help to add overall survivability to the Sorcerer.

The Scepter of Fulmination drops from Dr. Terrible and shoots a lightning bolt that, although only dealing 450 damage over 5 targets (882 damage to 6 targets at max wisdom), slows them for 3 seconds. Since the scepter costs 10 less mana than Skybolts/Storms, it’s also easier to spam. The spammability and added slow to enemies makes the Fulmi invaluable in rushing dungeons. Although the Fulmi is notably strong as a primary scepter, the tiered scepters should still be carried as a swapout–an unmaxed sorcerer using Storms will still do more damage than a maxed sorcerer using Fulmi.

The Scepter of Devastation is a UT scepter dropping from the Nightmare Colony. The stat bonuses it gives is +2 WIS, +4 ATT, but also has -20 HP and -5 VIT. While the positives of these stats help offensively, it also reduces your survivability. In addition, while it has the highest WIS to damage ratio (10:1), it also has the highest WIS to extra targets ratio (20:1). This means that usually you won’t see this scepter hit more than one or two targets at a time. With a max WIS build, this scepter can deal up to 3630 damage between 3 targets.

The Scepter of Devestation also has an aiming cone of only 15 degrees, which is half of a regular scepter’s aiming cone. This forces the Sorcerer to aim carefully, much like a Wizard would a spellbomb. Overall this scepter is more suited to a Sorcerer who is willing to risk their durability for a massive DPS boost.

The ST Grotesque Scepter, dropping from the Horrific Creation, is an alternative for the Scepter of Devastation. It deals higher base damage than the aforementioned scepter while also having a better potential amount of targets than it. In general, it’s the superior choice up until 78 WIS (at least against the first target) making it a preferred choice for Sorcerers who don’t put much emphasis on their Wisdom stat.

However, not only the damage output is lowered the quickest per target out of every scepter, but using it stuns the user for a second. While it looks insignificant, it can have its consequences when facing a boss that is shotgunned quickly or has only very short periods of vulnerability.

The Cnidaria Rod is a that drops from the Royal Cnidarian. What separates this scepter from the others is that the damage output increases by 100 for every target hit, making it one of the best scepters for Sorcerers aiming to build a Wisdom-heavy set. A sorcerer with the highest amount of WIS possible (91) deals 1,155 damage to the last target and hits 9 targets at once. This amounts to a total of 6,795 damage which is much, much higher than what the Scepter of Devastation can hope to achieve. As a result, it is an amazing crowd-clearer and should be used as such.

The ST Lightshow Scepter, dropping from the The Puppet Master (Encore) is unique in it’s capability to give +10 WIS and -30 Mana for 5 seconds on ability cast, along with having no damage dropoff between targets. This is balanced by it’s relatively poor 6:1 damage to WIS scaling and 1:8 target to WIS scaling.

It shines when worn with the entire Court Magician Sorcerer Set, bumping your WIS up to an astounding 135 and allowing you to hit 13 targets each for 710 damage. Unfortunately, this also comes with a hardcapped 5 second cooldown due to the accumulated set bonuses and the effect caused by the scepter, ultimately being inferior to the tiered scepters when dealing with foes that dont die in a single scepter blast.


A top choice by many player, the Ring of Unbound Health or the Ring of Decades provides a hefty boost of +180/+190 HP. Pure health rings benefit a Sorcerer by allowing them to absorb more damage especially in endgame dungeons.

The Forgotten Crown
and the Magical Lodestone both provide +12 to offensive stats (+6 ATT and +6 DEX). The main difference is the Crown grants 110 HP while the Lodestone provides 6 SPD and 6 DEF. The Lodestone does have an edge over the Crown in the fact that Sorcerer can benefit well from the SPD and DEF bonuses for effective rushing and compensate his fairly low Defence stat. Nonetheless, the Crown is more preferred by many players because of its HP boost.

The Ring of the Pyramid an older but still viable alternative to the aforementioned rings. While it provides less stats in general, providing +100 HP and +4 to ATT and DEF, it is a relatively balanced ring that most classes, including Sorcerer, can use effectively.

The Ring of Unbound Magic (UBMP) is the best tradable tiered MP ring. It can provide a massive boost of +180 MP. The Sorcerer himself already has a massive MP capacity, but this ring allows him to chain-spam the scepter or/and if not emphasizing on Wis-build.

An unconventional choice, the Ring of Unbound Defense (UBDef) is the best tradable Defence ring, providing +10 Defence. It fits well for a Sorcerer because of his low Defence cap. While many players view this ring as a massive downgrade of UBHP/Deca, UBDef can serve a purpose of taking small/medium shots that can be reduced significantly.

An odd choicer for Sorcerer, the Ring of Unbound Dexterity(UBDex) is the highest tiered tradable DPS ring that provides +10 Dexterity for him. It provide a decent boost to Sorcerer’s DPS and it beats Ring of Unbound Attack until 50+ Defence.

For multi-role based Sorcerer, one may choose a more defensive/mana based ring. The Twilight Gemstone and Sourcestone are rare and very useful ring for the Sorcerer, supplying one with +110 MP, along with a SPD boost of +6 each. The catch is while Gemstone provides +6 Defence, Sourcestone provides +110 HP.

The Ring of the Sphinx is a mix of utility/offense, giving +100 MP, and +4 to both DEX and ATT. The +4 Dex and +4 Att increases Sorcerer’s DPS, which helps his crowd clearing and the +100 MP allowing to use his ability at least one more time.

The Bloodshed Ring is a rare ring that drops from Malus in the Cultist Hideout. It provides +100 HP, +5 Wis and Defence. It fits well for a Sorcerer because it can increase scepter’s power and at the same time increases his survivability, which is also equally important for the Sorcerer.

The Geb’s Ring of Wisdom supplies a hefty boost of wisdom (+10), which matches Ring of Unbound Wisdom. The catch is, it also gives +25 to both HP and MP, and +5 VIT (which decreases Sorcerer’s In Combat timer by 0.2 seconds). This ring not only can increase scepters’ potency but at the same time granting a bit better survivability.

The Ring of the Covetous Heart gives the Sorcerer a damage boost with its +5 ATT, and supplies with +8 WIS. It also gives +15 HP and +50 MP, creating a balanced ring for offensive play and crowd-clearing.

Some Sorcer that want to have a balanced approach may want to consider the Bracer of the Guardian (Bracer), Ring of the Nile (Nile), or the Experimental Ring (Expo). Each of these rings provide a balanced +60 to both HP and MP. The Bracer also gives +6 to DEF and ATT, suitable for balanced gameplay. The Nile allows for a hybrid of offense and evasive rushing, giving +4 to both SPD and DEX. The Expo gives a Sorcerer increased survivability with its +4 to DEF and VIT.

The Omnipotence Ring (Omni) is an extremely rare ring that drops from Void Entity in The Void. provides a moderate boost to every stat (+80 HP/MP, +4 Dex/Att/Vit/Def/Wis/SPD). Classes like the Sorcerer benefits quite well because of taking advantage of his Wismod and its all-rounded stats. Use this ring with extreme caution, as it is dropped from the final boss of the 2nd-hardest dungeon in the game and it will be difficult to obtain another one if lost.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Some strengths of the Sorcerer is that this class is has better max offensive stats (ATT/DEX) than the Priest. With a WIS cap of 60 an MP cap of 385, the Sorcerer is able to spam his ability as much as possible. Furthermore, the scepter doesn’t just hit the mob that you cast on, it chains with other mobs, each with their own soulbound threshold. The wand’s piercing properties and overall safe range allow him to clear the Godlands fairly easily.

Despite these strengths, the sorcerer can never match a wizard in a game of pure damage due to wands trading damage for range. Also, the Sorcerer is very frail like his other robe friends, so he will not most likely survive a shotgun and probably die instantly, depending on what would want to sit on him.

But unlike his other robed classes the Sorcerer has 75 max VIT, allowing him to take full advantage of large amounts of health regen Out Of Combat and reducing his In Combat Delay to 4 seconds. This gives the Sorcerer more survivability in longer fights and allows more leniency in taking unexpected hits as he recovers from them quicker.


New Sorcerers

A newly made Sorcerer may have trouble with the lowlands, when they lack decent gear and must rely on their ability to carry most of the damage. Once they are able to go to the high/godlands, they can gain multiple chances at soulbound potions from the various gods that roam around. At level 20 the Sorcerer can farm the Godlands reliably as they will have enough Mana to sustain a steady flow of scepter casts.

As with any class, one should start maxing their DEX and SPD in order to have an easier time farming and maxing your other stats and being relatively easy to farm for in the midgame. In general DEF is a good stat to max 3rd in order to be able to take more shots without fear of retreating into the Nexus at low health.


Solo Role

On his own, the Sorcerer is able to clear out crowds unlike any other. In dungeons your priority should be to clear out every room as classes like the Sorcerer are not built for rushing. Their scepter and piercing wand allow them to clear rooms faster than the likes of a Rogue, who is more suited to rushing past the dungeon towards the boss. When fighting a boss or event solo, make sure to keep your distance as there are no teammates to tank shots and provide healing. Simply dodge and deal damage when you can and are out of the way of any shots.

Group Role

The Sorcerer’s role as a crowd clearer is still prevalent in a group setting. If your party has no innate clearing class such as an Assassin or Necromancer, the Sorcerer makes a great alternative as they can take care of minions with relative ease.

The Sorcerer also has the ability to consistently apply Slowed using the Scepter of Fulmination due to it’s instant and spammable nature.



The sorcerer is a mix between a Wizard and a Priest, but not exactly being too close to either. The Sorcerer does not have the sheer DPS of a Wizard nor the survivability of a Priest. It should be treated as a class of it’s own that is exceptional at dealing damage and thinning down hordes of enemies with his scepter while remaining relatively safe.