Ability Lore

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2021)


A magical cloak, made for slipping into shadows undetected.
An enchanted cloak steeped in magical darkness.
A mystical gray cloak once used by blackguard tricksters for flanking maneuvers and sneak attacks.
An exceptional cloak used by sorcerer-thieves for night operations in dockyards and storehouses.
A powerful cloak used by master spies to infiltrate the most tightly guarded fortresses.
A powerful cloak woven from the shadows of twilight.
An eldritch cloak of the afterworld which grants invisibility by enveloping its user in death itself.
A moonwoven Cloak worn by slayer cults who spill the blood of emperors in their abhorrent mission to create a new order.
A brilliant cloak that utilizes the complex process of light reflection to perfectly conceal its user by creating an exact replica, mimicking the wearer.
An enchanted cloak crafted by an ancient guild of timeshifter thieves.
A bulky cloak ill-suited for stealth, but can provide the wearer with great offensive capabilities.
This heavy cloak cleverly conceals its user not by magic, but by channeling the light around them as camouflage. Tampering with this light briefly projects a false mirror image of oneself.
Many Rogues have tried to use this to escape their asylum. All have failed.
Woven from the skin of a ghast, Skuld’s ability to freely shift between the mortal and spiritual plane is linked to this cloak’s unusual fabric.
A dark and flowing cape donned by masters of the twilight hours.
A pitch black cloak enhanced with the defensive strength of Oryx’s own signature armor.
A snug cloak crafted by a band of seclusive snowthieves to help pilfer riches and disappear into the heart of winter.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
A firm cloak worn by Oryx’s stealth agents to assist in quiet takedowns. It doubles as protection for any compromised situation.
Woven from the skin of a ghast, it cannot be seen…except by the user.


A magical quiver that enchants arrows.
An enchanted quiver made of high-quality leather and brass.
A strong quiver of magical iron.
A powerful enchanting quiver made by forest elves.
A superior enchanting quiver made of high quality magesteel.
A quiver that shines with gold and pulses with the power of elvish archer spirits.
A forestcloth quiver of highest quality, exhibiting exceptional magic powers and used by the foremost masters of Elven archery.
A sun iron quiver passed through a royal elven lineage, whose legendary skills in archery have protected the Forest Kingdoms for millennia.
A silky case of arrows woven by Mama Megamoth’s larvae for use by her woodland warriors.
A quiver once treasured by a highly sentimental archer who just couldn’t bear to part with her arrows forever. They’ve become rather dull after so much recycling.
Firing from this quiver uniquely applies the force of the bowstring as potential energy, which is then overcharged and converted to kinetic energy for a delayed, yet intensly powerful release.
A mysterious quiver formed of pure evil and dark matter. Its ethereal existence creates a small implosion of nearby atmosphere when drawn.
A quiver crafted from the remains of a blue Beehemoth, filled with razor-sharp arrows fashioned from Killer Bee stingers.
A quiver crafted from the remains of a red Beehemoth, filled with razor-sharp arrows fashioned from Killer Bee stingers.
A quiver crafted from the remains of a yellow Beehemoth, filled with razor-sharp arrows fashioned from Killer Bee stingers.
This strange quiver was created in a forgotten age by a lost tribe of Dark Elves.
A quiver not meant for the corporeal realm. When used by a mortal, it creates a momentary rift between death and life, briefly releasing the chilling screams of the lost.
After fending off men made of clay, I discovered a lamp that might fetch a considerable sum at the market.
A giant sock-like quiver woven from elventhread, concentrating evil energy into a lump of coal to create powerful arrows.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
Oryx’s most versatile bowmen receive javelin training, requiring a steady hand and perfect focus to inflict devastating damage.
Corrupted by creatures of the frost realms, its arrows will slacken assailants promptly.
Royal alchemy techniques have enabled this quiver to sharpen the gilded tips held within. Arrows loosed from the case are recognized as some of the sharpest objects known to man.
The sternum of a long deceased adventurer. It releases a shriek when fired, making enemies shake and shudder in surprise.

Sprite Credits: Tero, Aurum
It truly is dazzling when you put your heart into the work!

Sprite Credits: WunderWafe


A spell that shoots fire in all directions.
A dangerous spell that summons green fire from the astral plane.
A deadly spell created by goblin sorcerers to subdue their orcish enemies.
A formidable fire spell used by dwarven magi in their war against the trolls.
An immensely powerful spell created by the wizard lords of the underworld to harness dark energies.
An unimaginably destructive spell, devised by the great mountain thaumaturgists to battle against demonic giants.
A horrifically dangerous spell, formulated in the elemental planes during the great astral wars.
A catastrophic spell of holy destruction, concocted in secrecy by the Liturgical Ones in their quest to learn a single letter of the divine language.
An instructional spell used as an education tool for the training of young wizards. Before they run, they must learn to talk.
Believed to have been lost in a bygone era, this spell was recovered from ruins infested by horrific creatures of unknown origin. The scroll is still steeped with parasitic organisms.
This spell’s destructive power is so notorious that casting it was banned for many generations.
An ancient druidic spell that invokes earth spirits into furnishing the soil with a noxious, deadly skullshroom colony.
Thought to have been lost to the ages, the wisdom imparted in this tablet will summon a power unrivaled by any modern spell.
Dammah’s powers of summoning portals stem from this profane spell. Most may use it to call attacks from primitive dimensions of untapped energy, but Oryx’s greatest thaumaturges can create stable gateways to the realm and beyond.
An enchanted parchment, written in the Slurpian dialect. Its magic commands the tides, allowing one to propel their own movement.
Magical blasts can be blocked by armor, but true fear will pierce their hides and strike their heart.
This strange weapon sometimes affects the size of surrounding creatures.
A spell that blasts enemies with the fiery force of a thousand suns.
A bizzare spell fabricated by a powerful bunny magician, they don’t only do trick shows inside those magic hats!
A grand scroll capable of summoning sharpened emerald shards, slicing through even the most durable opponent.
A seraphic wardspell that burns the unworthy with molten wax from the heavenly vigil.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
All but Chancellor Dammah’s own mages shun this blasphemous spell, channeling the dark energies of the earth to construct an explosive spike.
Magical blasts can be blocked by armor, but true fear will pierce their hides and strike their heart.
The ghouls all came from their humble abodes to get a jolt from his electrodes.

Sprite Credits: Aurum


A holy tome of healing prayers.
A hallowed tome of blessed healing rituals.
An exalted holy tome, filled with prayers and blessed by angels.
A sacred tome, consecrated by the spirits of the upright and the supplications of the pure.
An angelic tome, empowered by divine might and justified by the souls of the righteous.
A sanctified tome, blessed by the heavens and purified by ancient rites, trembling with unseen divine power.
A tome of blessing, gifted by the gods for the benefit of all good mortals.
A tome beatified in starlight and written on paper from the ancient wisdom trees, cloaking the worthy in divine reverence.
The deepest wounds are not physical, but psychological. Only the wisest healers are savvy enough to apply the advanced treatment this tome enables, guaranteed to revitalize allies in their times of need.
A tattered tome possessing the forbidden knowledge of pagan priests of old. It speaks of casting terrible curses upon opponents, but such impure power comes at a cost.
An ancient tome covered with fleshy appendages. It contains the secrets to magic often considered blasphemous by priests, used to inflict horrible pain on others.
A long-lost druid’s tome that catalogs medicinal mushrooms. It also has many pocket spaces that contain spore samples, which can be made fully grown through incantations.
An ancient tome cloaked in white leather, created to aid in the struggle against the ultimate evil.
A tome dedicated to the works of a forgotten god. It is written in a strange script that glows with a pure white light.
The sacred writings of Leucoryx and his disciples, compiled as a tribute to Oryx to lend false credence to the teachings of his twisted followers.
Within, the priests of the past have catalogued the story and knowledge of Geb.
Those who wish to be hallowed among Oryx’s legion are required to drink the wretched concoction within this chalice, a mix between the Mad God’s poorly kept wine and his own sentient bile.
This tome was carried to battle by the members of a forgotten order.
A tome that allows the caster to encase themselves in extremely durable ice. However, despite being nearly impenetrable, it will melt after a while.

Sprite Credits: Poshun
A most holy manuscript taken from an ancient celestial library, brimming with golden light that wrests the innocent from the clutches of death.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
An accursed collection of religious texts detailing the Mad God’s rise to power, granted to Oryx’s high priests by Archbishop Leucoryx as a symbol of utmost trust.
A precious tome filled with botanical research. It speaks of floral remedies used by alchemists long ago to cleanse all ailments.

Sprite Credits: Lily


A sturdy helm used by battlefield sergeants to improve morale in nearby allies.
A bronze-plated lieutenant’s helm, effective for invigorating the fighting spirit of nearby allies.
A captain’s helm of distinctive black iron, capable of inspiring great courage.
A major’s helm of ornate red iron, made to arouse fearlessness among the troops.
A well-made commander’s helm of steel with silver filigree, able to inspire gallantry in large numbers of troops.
A golden field marshal’s helm with platinum detailing and a cockatrice plume, able to motivate entire legions to new heights of tenacity and determination.
A steel and platinum helm of ancient design, worn by earthrazer generals during the great orcish war.
An ashen helm of regal grandeur, whose wearers have upraised the greatest legions and inspired total domination.
It’s not easy being the best. Some wish for more, a way to inflict difficulties on themselves so that they may once again experience what it’s like to not be insultingly overpowered. At last, there is a way.
Decorated with ancient amber, this helmet’s idle solitude over many years have caused its abilities to dwindle.
A nefarious helm combining pheromones and Killer Honey to captivate Killer Bees into servitude.
This helm was forged of metal that fell from the sky. It is strangely light and emits a faint hum.
The last piece of the Taming ritual requires a man to be bound to a Dragon. Wizards were able to link a man to a Dragon’s spirit using magic and pain. Using its powers comes with a great cost.
Pirate captains wear extravagant cocked hats to both inspire their men and intimidate their foes.
Made from the remains of a violent bunny, whoever wears this helm is given the magical ability to hop as fast as a bunny!
A finely sculpted helm worn by commanders of the northern realms, its enormous display of regal antlers make their authorative presense known in the chaos of war. Sprite Credits: Dappertron
A helm forged in the deepest depths of Oryx’s realm. Those who wear it are said to feel a dark power coursing through their veins.
This unorthodox helm was created by carving out a pumpkin that is found only in the darkest pumpkin patches. Donning this cursed piece of equipment is said to cause the wearer to fly into a fit of rage.


A shield made of sturdy wood.
A shield made of well forged iron.
A shield made of high quality steel.
A steel shield supported by iron ribbing.
An ornate but strong shield plated with gold.
A very strong shield made from the strongest and most desirable of all metals.
A superior shield forged in deep armories for the construct armies of the underworld.
A mighty shield smithed in the burning rivers of the demonic realms to grant the right of sovereignty over the brutal Orclands.
A shield made of snake skin stretched across a rigid frame.
As the heavy armor worn by most knights typically conceals their faces with a stoic expression, they require other ways to convey emotions of shock or excitement.
A shield from a place beyond the gates of war and peace.
An ornately decorated buckler made from an array of crystalline stone. It is too frail to swing around, but it can somehow grow and mantle its wielder in an indestructible crystal armor.
This massive shield was created for the wealthy and powerful Ogre kings as a sign of their unrivaled strength.
An enormous shield decorated with the crest of Oryx, an infamous symbol of oppression dreaded across the realm.
Recovered from the wreckage of a Viking ship, this large buckler can strike unlike any other shield. It can sustain the force of its strike in the air itself, uniquely constructed to mimic the Viking tale of Thielief the Steadfast catching a relic suspended in the air during a raid of saintly territory.
This almighty shield was specially designed to protect its owner from a bombardment of attacks in all directions. Although feared today, it once stood as a reminder of Oryx’s glory in an era long forgotten.
This shimmering shield allows knights to enhance their concentration on targets, giving them more time to think about their next move in battle.
An enormous, brazen shield taken from an ancient belfry, long believed to have been enchanted by centuries of ringing for angelic favor.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
In contrast to Oryx’s personal equipment, this lightweight shield is too small to stagger an opponent. It is instead covered in jagged metal to shred targets.
A pitch-black shield looted from the depths of Oryx’s Castle.
This magical shield was built by a tribe of mysterious forest people called the Eggre.

Sprite Credits: Piggby


A holy seal of divine favor.
A seal of holy providence and mortal virtue.
A holy seal of godly protection, shimmering with divine might.
A seal of blessed preservation, gleaming with the sacred will of the righteous.
A consecrated seal of the heavens, shining with divine brilliance and godly power.
A hallowed seal of the immortal divine, sanctified by the pious and used since ancient times to inspire great numbers of crusading warriors.
A holy seal of heavenly omnipotence, given to aid mortal warriors in their fight against chaos and darkness.
A jubilant seal of celebration, granted to the most righteous crusaders as they challenge the evergrowing threat of demonic legions.
The fruit of over a decade of research, this blessed seal at long last overcomes all limitations on its usage and never allows its user to run out of strength. A slight concession had to be made by devoting one hundred percent of its magic resources back into magic.
Created to guide the spirits of the desert, this seal has infused itself with their energy over many years. This spiritual energy affects living creatures in unconventional ways compared to normal practices.
A seal granting the user access to other dimensions, though the means by which this is accomplished are unknown.
A symbolic seal gifted to the most renowned philosophers of ancient times.
A seal that is said to briefly borrow the power of the Gods themselves. Some Paladins shun its dark power, others embrace it.
A seal made from the Marble Colossus’ head. The power of a pure and mighty paladin still remains within.
Protect the helpless, embolden the heroic, slow the progress of evil. - Inscription, in Fae.
A sacred seal of the bitter Frost Kingdoms, bearing a wreathlike design that invokes a symbol of strength and endurance in the midst of winter.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
Given to Oryx’s most esteemed gladiators, this twisted artifact is capable of focusing all of the wearer’s strength into a single blow, mirroring the Mad God’s own fighting style.
Protect the helpless, embolden the heroic, slow the progress of evil. - Inscription, in Fae.
Paladins must take an oath of righteousness to obtain their titles. Those who defect are considered deeply cursed.

Sprite Credits: Aurum


Deadly poison of the swamp centipede.
Magically concentrated venom of the carnivorous leaping tree spider.
Deadly magical poison taken from the two headed pit snakes of the underworld.
Lethal aquatic poison extracted from the glands of the magical demon ray.
Magically refined poison of the rare and dangerous felwasp.
Magically enhanced venom of the savage nightwing dragon.
Concentrated, lethal venom of the winged ethereal baneserpent.
The oceanic Necrofish’s highly noxious poisons, secreted from its spines to befoul entire swaths of the seas.
A misguided attempt by Xolotl to grant a form of his power to followers among the Secluded Thicket, with the glaring weakness that it can only be utilized in large, open areas with direct access to the clouds.
A mighty mug for a mighty drink! Be merry!

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
A deadly substance concocted with ingredients found in the sewers.
A youthful jellyfish taken from the reefs of the ocean realms, residing within a coralglass jar.
A foul poison harvested from the corpses of plague victims. It infects many targets, but kills slowly.
Even in small amounts, this potent venom is capable of corroding the armor of its victims.
Swarming cells fill this jar, prepared to bind to whatever may foolishly approach them.
Exposure to this ferocious concoction is so intensely lethal that it acts instantaneously. Its deceptively small vial allows for easy use.
The bitter poison of evergreen berries that has also absorbed a great deal of of energy from evil spirits.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
Oryx demanded his alchemists make a poison capable of killing more rapidly to satisfy his impatience. The resulting brew proved rather explosive.


A human skull corrupted with life-stealing necrotic magic.
A dwarven skull desecrated by foul enchantments.
An elvish wizard’s skull, defiled with life-stealing necrotic spells.
A holy paladin’s skull, fouled by depraved incantations of necromancy.
A lesser demon’s skull, empowered and amplified by dark enchantments of the underworld.
A powerful demon skull permeated with unspeakably horrific sorceries.
The skull of a vampire lord, further desecrated with the depraved magics of soul thievery.
A horrendously debauched martyr’s skull that has been brought to ruin by foul enchantments of the sulfurous realms.
A relic uncovered from the depths of the jungle. It exudes a deep darkness.
The skull of an enlightened philosopher who understood the true potential of necromancers to be summoners. Tragically, his overwhelmingly high IQ got the best of him.
An undamaged version of a well known archaeological artifact, radiating a potent dark energy. This rare find is coveted by many explorers.
The skull still seems to contain some of the Void Entity’s power.
A flora-infested skull from one of Belladonna’s victims. It exchanges the life force it steals into plant life, blooming powerful vegetation.

Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom
This skull glows with the stolen soul of a phoenix trapped in the skull many years ago by Shaitan.
The cursed skull of a corrupted mind. Good intentions can go horribly wrong.
I found a great spectre floating above me. He reached out and granted me his cranium.
I found a great spectre floating above me. He reached out and granted me his cranium.
A monstrous skull hewed with incantations of darkness to absorb life energy from the souls of the wicked.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
The charred remains of an ancient demon ruler once killed by the Mad God. Oryx’s wicked spellcasters have cursed it with the ability to resurrect and control demons.
A skull haunted by the chilling breath of a reanimated killer. The number 66 is strangely carved on one side.

Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom


A magical hunting trap.
A magical trap suited for hunting the strong beasts of the untamed country.
An enchanted trap for hunting the fierce beasts of the dark forests.
A mighty trap strong enough for the most vicious of magical beasts.
A potent trap powered by angelic spirits, used by demon hunters in the nether realms.
A powerful magic trap charged with astral energies and used by the legendary dragon slayers of ancient times.
A most effective magical trap used in the titan wars to hobble even the largest of enemy combatants.
An explosive ocean trap constructed to tear open the ironhide of the abyssal deepworm.
A devastating trap with some major hang time. It’s full of hot air and not actually that useful, which is surely a metaphor for something.
A trap imbued with deadly venom from the coral of the Ocean Trench.
A ceremonial trap used by the elite members of the Mushroom Tribes to ensnare those who trespass their sacred sanctum.
A long lost artifact recovered by Davy Jones, believed to have been cursed by the gods of the seven seas themselves.
A strange trap that subdues would-be pilferers with a torrent of sticky honey.
Sprouted and plucked from an ancient, enchanted riverbank, this flower’s spores weaken the roots of evil and strengthen righteous hearts.
A trap of solid light, pummeling your foes more vividly than ever before!

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
A seemingly harmless present that actually contains a magical hyperspace pocket stuffed to the brim with explosives and shrapnel.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
An alluring entanglement forged with razor-like black iron. Oryx’s most adept hunters use this device to severely wound their prey before executing them.
A crystal trap with a built-in luring mechanism. The perimeter of the trap reflects light toward the center to create an illusionary mimic.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
This artifact is the result of a forbidden spell. It is made of crystalized blood.


A crystal orb that holds enemies in an ethereal prison.
An orb that temporarily shackles enemies to another plane.
An orb used by starwizards to bind their demonic opponents.
A glowing orb of pale emerald, used to constrain rogue elementals to the astral mists.
A powerful orb of flawless sun quartz, created by dark thaumaturgists of the nether kingdoms.
An orb of pure diamond, shining with an eerie blackness and thirsting to consume the life essence of mortals.
An orb of astral amethyst, crystallized beneath the titanic mountains of the earth plane and used to secure dangerous creatures in distant realms.
An anomalous orb utilized by the astralmancers to banish demons who rose against them into a timeless void.
A magical honeycomb that was once crucial in repelling an assault from the Hornet Rebellion.
What goes around comes around.
An orb so potent in the art of dimensional magic that it can release a wave of energy around its user.
This Orb creates a concentrated area of energy. The energy is so dense at its core that foes are paralyzed.
This orb of ancient bloodstone has a dark reputation of twisting those who wield it.
All shall know my power. Not even the Mad God can stop me.
A young enchantress used a rare flame-absorbing stone to capture the lava spirits.
A skillfully decorated snowglobe that is actually a warlock’s sinister tool of inquisition, imprisoning foes in a realm of infinite winter.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
Oryx’s sentries use these cursed orbs as their watchful eyes, maintaining and enforcing the Mad God’s constant rule across the realm.
This orb has been imbued by Skuld with the energy of the lost souls wandering her Cemetery.
A crystal ball known to be able to summon magically constructed bats, but this technique has only been mastered by Totalia’s kind.

Sprite Credits: Aurum


A magical prism that creates a decoy.
A devious magical prism that creates an illusory ally.
An infiltrator’s prism used by eldritch spies to create diversions behind the battle lines.
A mind-affecting prism that creates powerful psychic illusions.
A glittering magical prism that fabricates potent images in the minds of the weak-willed.
A prism of the underworld that harnesses dark energy to implant noncorporeal psionic beings into the minds of onlookers.
A deep blue prism of sun cut topaz, used by doppelganger spies to aid in their vile missions of assassination and murder.
A scintillating prism of duplicity, infiltrating the deepest corners of the mind to awaken phantasmic entities that embody hatred and fear.
All that glitters is not gold. Beware, tricksters who choose this dastardly prism must be committed to their cruel prank.
This prism has a deep flaw that causes it to scatter light in two directions.
Seemingly bleak at first, this prism has erratic magical properties looming inside, which affect the light it scatters in unforeseen ways.
A fragmented prism that is constantly mending its cracks and refracturing. Pulling pieces apart can create an unstable link between two spaces as the prism tries to become whole again.
A cursed piece of Davy Jones’ treasure. Using it leaves behind a deadly spirit bomb.
A coin pilfered from the endless vault of Gemsbok’s hoarded wealth. Only the most daring would stake their lives on the equal odds of a coin flip.
A fragment of a brain from a lesser golem. Its strength indicates it came from a Golem of Anger.
It’s said that love lasts three years… this angel didn’t get the memo.

Sprite Credits: Lovens
A brilliantly shining prism of berylstone, cut to resemble a tree topper as a means of hiding eidolon agents in plain sight.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
This prism’s light-storing ability make it essential equipment for Oryx’s recon squad, granting them unmatched efficiency in any scenario.
The perfectly cut head of a Prismimic, dastardly agents of the Crystal Entity. Its copying abilities are unprecedented.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
The innards of a pumpkin were molded into this pile that vaguely resembles a prism. Used only by the laziest scarecrows who feel the need to outsource their job.

Sprite Credits: Bonk, Aurum


A scepter that fires a blast of chain lightning.
A steel-and-ruby scepter that blasts electrical arcs.
A powerful scepter imbued with the energy of astral storms.
A glittering golden scepter charged with magical lightning.
A golden scepter of power, created by storm giants during their long war against the undertrolls.
A commanding scepter of authority, wielded by cloud titan nobles from the elemental plane of air.
An ancient druidic scepter created by the nature gods themselves, embodying all the fury of the megacosm.
An azure scepter of elemental dominion, wielded by the sky charioteers to command the natural order of the overlands and the orchestration of astral bodies.
Stolen from the Queen Bee herself, this scepter possesses the power to destroy evil.
After years of the truth being rejected by the masses, this version of the fabled Honey Scepter is automatically enhanced with the full potential it had all along.
This scepter’s blast is so powerful it will slow opponents.
An intricate scepter of unfathomable power containing the electric fluids of a jellyfish behemoth.
A loathsome scepter that converges the life energy of parasites into a soul-rotting bolt of destruction.
A scepter that can be evoked to unleash overwhelmingly powerful blasts upon others. Even the most crazed scientists wouldn’t use this scepter without taking note of its side effects.
This enchanted cane adds pizzazz to any battle! The cleverly engineered lighting effects inside become stronger for a bigger audience.
A holy shepherd’s hook that creates sacred light to guide the innocent to salvation.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
First assembled as a combat modification to Treasurer Gemsbok’s gilded scepter, this artifact consumes substantial magical energy to detonate a chaotic blast.


A basic ninja-star.
A ninja-star with four razor-sharp points.
A ninja-star with curved spiraling blades.
A beautifully crafted shuriken.
A sacred shuriken that embodies the power and speed of the wind.
A mystical shuriken formed from ever-frozen ice.
An ancient weapon that spells destruction for all who oppose its master.
A heraldic shuriken of the ancient royal family, revered for its astonishingly lethal edge after generations of use by a mighty eastern empire.
An arachnid star which slings silk to tangle predators while granting oneself the speed and stamina of Arachna’s most agile young.
A star with high potential, but curses the user with a crippling lack of decisiveness.
A legendary shuriken that absorbs the light around it.
Bloomed from Belladonna’s Garden, this plant has grown into a lethal weapon through its disc shape and exceptionally sharp petals. Its seeds fly off when thrown, quickly spreading itself through the surrounding area.

Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom
A perfectly cut crystal encasing light from the oldest stars in the universe. All who hold it are filled with a sense of peace and concentration.
Imbued with energy from another place, the blade will pierce through any foe.
To dominate the battlefield, Beisa’s assault units possess this star model to remain vigorous in combat before controlling zones with its independent throwing arcs.
Circle of sunlight
Empowers a fragile bloom
And scours the world.
These kunai were chiseled as an experimental weapon by the mineral monsters lurking far beneath the realm’s surface.
Use that clover to impress the ladies.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
A razor-sharp arrangement of holly plants that has been enchanted to vanquish spirits of darkness.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
Oryx’s unseen strikers wield these serrated claws for precise and deadly slashes to make an example out of the Mad God’s most hated adversaries.


A small, quick-to-swing blade.
A heavy wakizashi crafted by a fine metalworker.
A deep red wakizashi made of bronze.
A heavy wakizashi created and used by a secluded sect of powerful swordsmen.
A beautiful wakizashi, adorned with shining gemstones found within the extensive cavern, Okina Tomi.
A wakizashi adorned with sea green stones, only given to the greatest swordsmen by the Grand Emperor himself.
A gorgeous wakizashi made of starmetal and gifted to an ancient king by the god Shinsetsuna for his devotion.
A pristine wakizashi exalted by the archangels themselves and awarded to combatants with the most pure hearts.
A double-edged wakizashi that exposes in more ways than one.
An artifact once wielded by a wandering samurai with no master to serve. It was preserved in the Cursed Library for historical purposes, but it remains just as deadly despite its age.
An angular wakizashi crafted from the core of the Shadow Cube God. In spite of the narrow blade, it can unleash quite a devastating onslaught.
A wakizashi used by a powerful swordsman in ancient times. It seems to dance through the air as you swing it.
A blade created within the Hellforge and enchanted with dark magics to grant its wielder the power of a demon king.
Carved from the unblemished minerals deep beneath the realm, this unconventional wakizashi fractures itself when swung to release a strange supernatural energy.
Calls upon old energy to unleash a swarm of dragon like energy spirits.
A blade made from iron stuck in firm dark oak. The raw power of each strike compensates for the blunt edge.
A whimsical wakizashi of Eastern origin; it has a pleasant aroma of cherry blossoms.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
A wakizashi fashioned from perennial ice. Its innocent, festive appearance belies its lethal edge.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
A sacred blade forged by the ancient worshippers of the sun god. Though now corrupted under Oryx’s rule, its unique craftsmanship still showcases its ability to focus a strike upon a single point.


A magical lute that inspires allies.
A sturdy lute made of finely cut oakwood.
A special lute given to apprentice musicians to compose their finest ballads.
A polished lute built for combat against undead menaces.
A lightweight lute designed to project strong sounds across the chaos of battlefields.
An immaculate lute granted to the appointed bards of wealthy rulers as their travel companions.
A misty lute created by the exalted songweavers in their task to awaken the wind deity Shu.
A mysterious lute of dark matter, capable of playing joyous songs even in the oppressive sound void of space.
A ceremonial pungi that contains the spirits of fifteen snakes, guiding the righteous through their many paths ahead.
A rather peculiar instrument played by the sailors of the seven seas. Its music has the unique property of attracting parrots that will obey the musician’s every command.
An unusually crafted lute with an ancient style of construction, meant to produce soothing sounds of deep sleep and keep wrathful gods dormant.
A resplendent trumpet used to signify the coming of the end times, prophesied to sound their most glorious note at the opening of the seventh seal.
A golden voice can inspire as much as any instrument.
Chief Beisa personally made this decorated horn to produce a deep, booming sound, rallying troops and sending signals to coordinate unrelenting assaults.